When Catholics Are Prohibited From Government

With the burgeoning population of highly rewarded professional “victims of discrimination”, there hasn’t been any time or energy to focus on the blatant, hateful and unjust prohibition against traditional Catholics in British government and in actual fact, all governments, especially here in America. Rather than belly ache about that, let’s just look at the consequences of bypassing the most eligible and competent people for a particular job, just because of their traditional religious traditions and family history. What happens when we limit our hiring or electing only to those who either have no religion at all, or else they profess privately to worship of either Satan or a worship, in practice, of particular human beings such as celebrities, billionaires, politicians or take your pick amongst the various races claiming to be God’s Chosen People.

David Irving is a hero of mine. It’s a very good sign that his speeches are still being posted online again; a real historian who actually interviews eye witnesses and searches out private diaries and other source documents that haven’t been published.

In this speech by Mr. Irving, he describes England under the Prime Ministership of Winston Churchill, who was such a drunkard that a radio voice over expert was used to mimic Churchill in his radio addresses. What we learn is that Churchill deserves the reputation given to Hitler, and vice versa. Now if Churchill was mimicked on radio, couldn’t Edward VIII also be mimicked by such a professional with this skill? How many others have been mimicked? We’ve already seen plenty, including Queen Elizabeth II, and no one noticed, even on film. What I notice is that when I point out this practice to people who I think are educated and interested in the subject, somehow they automatically think I’m referring to aliens from outer space who are doing the substitution. This happens every time and it’s quite curious because I have absolutely no belief in aliens and never once have made any reference to such nonsense. What kind of mind control is this?

Irving doesn’t mention King Edward VIII at all in this very interesting speech. Irving merely describes what happened to England after Edward VIII was gone.

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