The Burial Place of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II

What’s interesting about the details exposed in the video below, is that the burial place of King George VI was opened in order to bury Queen Elizabeth II in the same vault. Also, make note of the very crazy pattern painted onto the ceiling of the chapel wing built especially for King George VI. It has six very large X shapes worked into the ridiculous design. Anyone who understands that cathedral ceilings are designed according to the ribbing, knows that there’s nothing random about the design that results from the ribbing because it’s what supports the roof.

Ribbing on a ceiling represents the actual arches that hold up the roof. Here you’ll find that besides the satanic references of the 6 exes, Prince Charles had the chapel heated. This leads me to suspect late night satanic rituals, but who knows? I’d like to meet the janitors of some of these historic buildings that have been completely occupied by squatters since 1992.

The question remains, who knew about the real Queen Elizabeth II, yet kept quiet and why? Who knew about the murder of King George VI and kept quiet about it and why? What does Susan Hussey know and why does she have a typical name for a CIA type, always something vulgar, with no history attached to it.

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