Enablement of the Stupid

Enabling stupid people is stupid.

Here’s is one example:

“CRISPR gene editing is a genetic engineering technique in molecular biology by which the genomes of living organisms may be modified. It is based on a simplified version of the bacterial CRISPR-Cas9 antiviral defense system.”

One of the safety risks with CRISPR is that the Cas9 enzyme, which is supposed to slice a specific DNA sequence, will also make cuts in other parts of the genome that could result in mutations. “Researchers are moving quickly to make CRISPR more specific”, they tell us, but that hasn’t stopped them from going forward with it anyway. It’s not that they are stupid, it’s that we are. They want to create human mutations, because they are fascinated with corruption of all kinds.

I’ve mentioned before, and demonstrated that we are ruled by a group of people who came into power through secret murders, maintain power through secret murders, and use all of our confiscated resources to expand on their capacity to secretly murder. These people are not competent in any other skill, but they do have great ambitions.There are other people who work tirelessly to enable the murderous class, developing scientific advances such as Artificial Intelligence and bio weapons which further enables them to kill off intelligent people and they hope not feel consequences.

I would give the thinking jobs to humans if I were in charge. It wouldn’t occur to me to do anything that would leave smart people out in the cold, with no support. I would welcome the opportunity for collaboration. Have the developers of AI come up with a replacement for themselves? Probably not, but who knows. It would serve them right. Will the developers of AI one day find themselves without enough money to afford an internet connection or food unless they live in their cars, like so many people today? Do you see where we are with this? There are obvious enormous problems all around us that are being blissfully ignored by our Great Leaders. I see a disaster all around me, homelessness, drug addicted parents, a powerful, murderous medical establishment and the list goes on. I see a situation where, no matter the urgency or emergency, everything has to move at the pace of the very slow. The rest of us have to endure the trauma meanwhile, because trauma is the goal. We watch the world fall apart around us, locked out of any participation because we don’t belong to the parasite tribe, even when we’ve had solutions for decades. We are ignored. AI will never have input from the censored. AI enables more incompetent people to thrive at the expense of the competent, whose inventions, ideas and innovations are promptly stolen, or quashed by the murderous, parasitic tribe of “rich” people and their army of corporate employees. Flying Monkeys Incorporated.

I’m not absolutely against artificial intelligence, I’m trying to point out that it’s obviously not solving the main problem of having murderous, stupid people in charge of our every move, with the power to prevent our movement. It’s one thing to conduct experiments, but another thing altogether when people refuse to assess the results of an experiment. This is the problem with stupid people: they refuse to assess results objectively, and this is precisely why we call them, or ourselves, stupid. Incompetent people will have destruction as their goal, if for no other reason than pure envy.

The cold hard fact is that democracy was an unproven experiment. Ask yourselves why the parasite tribe promotes democracy and voting to such an extreme. The murderous class loves democracy, hmmm. Stop and think about it. Four years in office, no proof of identity required, born on foreign soil, in and out, unlimited taxing, spending and borrowing, lifetime pension and other perks, being fawned over by foreign lobbyists and then set up for blackmail…none of this works for me personally. How about you?

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