Balenciaga and Gucci

Many people have never heard of Balenciaga fashion brand, but everyone knows Gucci. These old brands, established in our great grandfathers’ days, and other old businesses like them have been purchased by pirates with truckloads of cash that they always manage to get their hands on. So you know there’s something very wrong with our financial system altogether. How is it that we allegedly owe what other people have taken forcefully from us through taxes, and have spent to our detriment, plus more? We don’t owe it, is what I say. We have no representation in any of it because of voting fraud. Hopefully not much longer.

Pirates seek to oppress by brutal enforcement of tax collections. Then the brutes purchase our property with our confiscated cash. When it’s foreign aid money, then it’s foreign brutes. Israel gets the most. It’s not even a protection racket, because there’s no protection. There’s absolutely nothing about our political/financial system that should continue to exist another minute, if fairness were the criteria.

Let’s start to look at the results of having pirates in control. One of the most horrific consequence that we have learned about recently is the industrial scale production of adrenochrome. How did things get so bad? Pirates purchased all the media outlets with IRS illegally confiscated cash, that’s how things got so bad. The multitude of lies that have resulted are surely what’s throwing the earth itself off balance. I feel, and logic tells me that volcanoes spewing, earthquakes rumbling and extreme weather are a result of extreme lies and extreme human distress on a worldwide scale, even in addition to the extreme weather manipulation.

This photo was taken on Hawaii Island about two weeks ago. Sprayed chemicals at this precise location can affect weather conditions in China, and the US mainland. Extreme weather here always results after these trails. Also, people in the neighborhood all get sick afterwards. At this location near South Point, Kau district, winds move in four directions, in separate layers overhead. Whirlwinds start here. Weather destruction is another result of having pirates as world leaders. But like I said, this isn’t even the worst of it.

The absolute worst result is the children’s suffering. The absolute best way to end all attempts at normalizing the abuse of children, is for adult victims to raise their voices. The clearest victim voice that I’ve heard yet is here, well worth listening to:

Gucci Heiress, Alexandra Zarini Suing Her Family Over Her Sexual Abuse

I would also ask people to help object online to the use of old movies and movie stars for the spreading of slanderous lies about the deceased people who made them. Please pray that God’s justice will fall hard upon the people who slander the deceased, especially those slanderers who make online videos. There should be lawsuits filed and heavy penalties paid for this kind of crime. The people who do this know what kind of distress these lies cause us. For example, a recent Michael Jaco show is sinful if not criminal for the baseless slandering of Charlie Chaplin. Jaco should be banned, if not arrested. He really makes me wonder if he’s actually Mark Willis. Very similar voice and speech habits. There are other ways to recognize people even when their faces are disguised.

I have much more to say on the recent campaign claiming that everyone who ever did anything with film (Hollywood) was Jewish. They can’t stop stealing credit for other people’s accomplishments, besides stealing the actual films and murdering the creators. These pirates really want God to smack them hard, and they deserve every bit of what’s coming their way, I don’t doubt God’s wrath toward the wicked who slander the righteous.

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