Legal Titles of Nobility Purchased By Fakers

Alcuin had written in a letter to Charlemagne in 798: “And those people should not be listened to who keep saying the voice of the people is the voice of God, since the riotousness of the crowd is always very close to madness.”[26]

I came across this, screenshot below, and unfortunately, as usual, no reference to the source was given. This information concerning the Dukes of Brunswick does in fact reconcile with other information that I’ve gathered.

What’s sad now is that more information is available about successful international crime families and their crimes than there is about the legitimate British Royal Family and their positive accomplishments.

The title of Duke of Brunswick was a legitimate title and legitimate inheritance. It wasn’t purchased with profits from illegal drugs, slave trading, bribery and war mongering like British titles today. The man pictured below, Ernst August, was not a pirate. He is the same man whose photo I’ve published before. He was the legal inheritor of the many titles that came his way due to a childless uncle who was assassinated. I’m trying to pin down all of his identities, one of which is Dr. Karl Jung, as I see it at this point.

Many years later, today, the sale of British titles to enemy foreigners, slave traders, pedophiles, drug lords and international brothel owners is a done deal. It’s our job to unravel the crimes. Our survival depends on it. We’ll go to Shanghai, in a book, to start. Arlene’s collection of keepsakes includes this:

The young boy in the red shirt above is Scott Smith, grandson of Mike Carr aka Lee Harvey Oswald. I think he is the alleged Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, a tranny, illegal holder of title, and future Queen of England unless justice prevails. The Kennedy assassination was never even investigated, remember that. The little girl is probably Meghan Markle, actually the daughter of Bibi Netanyahu. The tiny photo in the center is Myrna Nichols Chatterton with her husband Chet. Myrna, as I’ve noted, is the recently deceased (?) fake Queen Elizabeth II. I have many photos of these families, mostly already published in previous articles which can be searched.

The Kennedy murders haunt us still.

In their own books touting their Marvelous Great Qualities, these crime families call themselves globalists and Jews, two words which I personally never associated before, because “globalist” has only recently been used so repeatedly. It has it’s roots in the Globe Theatre of London, a poor rival to the theater run by a man named Bruge, in London several hundred years ago, but that’s another story. As for globalists, I thought the word for the Jewish mafia was “international”. Now I learn that it’s anti-sham-itic to use the word globalist. If that’s so, then one can safely conclude that other antisemitic words would be liar and thief. I’ll certainly be careful with that.

This photo is of the ancestors of people associated with the FTX, Sam Bankman Fried billion dollar theft now being investigated. Notice how Lawrence Kadoory resembles Kevin O’Leary.

This is Kevin O’Leary of the FTX crime.

As recently as 2020, a book that hasn’t aged well entitled “The Last Kings of Shanghai: The Rival Jewish Dynasties That Helped Create Modern China” uses the word globalist to describe an international crime syndicate that has social climbing and false identities as a religion.

The above headline indicates that divorce has never been an issue with usurpers pretending to be Royalty. So why the slander of King Edward VIII and his wife? Could it be that they are hated by the fakers precisely because Edward and Wallis were legitimately entitled to their inheritance? What really happened? This is what I want to know.

This book, “Last Kings of Shanghai”, details some interesting facts that relate to the coup that occurred in Britain when Edward VIII was ousted secretly, when lookalikes appeared and were slanderously written about in a most nasty way and photographed looking ridiculous. No one in British government today investigates or objects to this slander of a good man and his wife. Wallis was not a divorcée. No one has stood up to show that Edward and Wallis were childhood friends, around the same age and married only ever to each other and had a child together. The Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton movies prove this because both Edward and Wallis, the real ones, appear in these movies with both of their parents as actors, along with other family members. I believe that Victoria Louise, pictured below, was the mother of Wallis. She’s wearing a Romanov tiara. I have no idea what this Adolf Hitler story is about:

After that coup of 1937 in England, according to the timeline in this particular here mentioned book, these foreign underworld crime bosses from Baghdad, using other names but they actually are Sassoon and Khadoury, received Lordships, knighthoods and British passports for themselves and their children, without having to so much as learn the English language. The connection is clear.

These families described in the book title as “Jewish Rivals in Shanghai”, the Sassoon family, are what we’d call the Rashid, or Rothschild of Europe and Kadoory are Chadoury of the Muslim faction of the Russian Federation. They are called, not Khazarian, but actually the Qurashe in old history books. They are described in ancient history as raiding tribes of bandits. Both of these families are well known for having their fortunes originate from fraudulent money printing. the illegal opium trade, brothels, corruption of the monetary, military and political systems, all global endeavors. The book gives some insight into the fact that the banning of the opium trade was pushed by the British people, and resisted by this group which could be called the Jewish mafia in British government. I still call them pirates.

Communism is state piracy.

However, despite their failed opposition, crime syndicate profits skyrocketed after the British were successful in outlawing opium. The very definition of crime syndicate is that it’s a group that has law breaking as a specialty. Therefore the outlawing of a drug that many people were already addicted to was a blessing for this established underworld smuggling culture. Bribes are mentioned often in this well researched biography of two families and their dances on the grave of civilization.

The book is disgusting but informative. It glorifies this particular crime family, responsible for instigating the various world wars, the Communist revolutions, confiscation of private property, public humiliation of good people, stock market manipulations, brothels in China, their disdain for the Chinese, secret deals with the Japanese military and subsequent betrayal. I notice that the fake Edward and Wallis, and a fake Prince Albert that they called “Bertie”, always were wherever these two crime families happened to be. The book makes it clear that their strategy is to move large groups of their own people from one country to another, to be used as spies and to take advantage of local troubles that they themselves caused.

This is the family that also settled in Louisiana with the names Abdalla and Elias, both families who settled in Lafayette and New Iberia and have criminally harassed me and my children our entire lives. I’ve already seen their connections to the deaths of many of our Presidents, family members and soldiers. I’m just amazed that they’ve provided me with so much confirmation for everything that I already suspected and concluded regarding the targeting of the descendants of Queen Victoria. The name Lawrence is probably the source of the name for Larry Nichols (Bibi) and Larry Fink (CEO of the notorious Blackrock company. I’ve been wondering about that name for awhile now. This is a clue as to who is Lawrence Hargrave, the father of Arlene’s child, now most famously known as Bibi.

What’s particularly disgusting about these people is their obsession with humiliation and slander of the British Royal family, even while they scheme to replace them. We’re seeing this with the Megan Markle-Prince Harry Netflix debacle. I say debacle because all the scheming, cheating, plastic surgery and other tricky tactics still can’t create talent or ability where none exists. People are becoming aware that certain people, when filmed, actually make the audience feel nausea and disgust due to the fakery and lies. It’s interesting to see audience reactions that are posted on the internet. Mockery of this couple is not what the Sassoon-Khadoory crime family expected. People are tired of the war mongering and divisive trickery. It’s about time for everyone to catch on to these dangerous schemes, because too many boundaries of decent behavior are being crossed.

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