No-Consequence World Ends

This FTX case reminds me of when Al Capone received a felony conviction and was “punished” with exile to Sicily, but it was actually Louisiana and he was given government defense contracts for advanced and stolen boat technology. This time, we’re going to do a human Gee-Nome study of the ultra privileged no-consequence crowd around FTX.

Stanford Daily;

“Bankman’s parents, the law professors Joseph Bankman and Barbara Fried, own a 3000-square-feet home that is nestled behind the Row and across from the president’s mansion. Neither professor will be teaching classes at Stanford Law School next quarter.

In anticipation of his arrival, Stanford has increased security and closed some private university streets around the residence, according to University spokesperson Dee Mostofi.

Some students aren’t pleased with how this reflects on Stanford.

“It’s a pathetic look on Stanford’s part when someone visiting campus sees all of the security around his house, wonders why they’re there, and finds out that a man accused of defrauding $1.8 billion is under house arrest in his childhood home,” wrote Alexander Worley ’25.”

This person above, identified as Josh, the son of Robert Morganthau, has all the characteristics of the person named as Josh Edwards, the software engineer for FTX FLARE. The reason I think he’s the son of Bibi Netanyahu is because he’s the son of Lucinda Franks. I knew her personally for awhile in Lafayette and she used this same name, Lucinda Franks. She left behind the study bible that she’d used to become elegible to become officially Jewish. She had a lot of clout, she said. I came to understand that her son was the son of Bibi Netanyahu but maybe not. Her job was to stalk me and celebrate whenever something in my life went bad. That’s typical of this entire obsessed family.

She’s shown in the next photo, a screenshot of an article in the Poughkeepsie Journal. Either Robert Morganthau is her husband or Bibi’s father, her father in law. The article states that this group of people are involved in “helping” the children of Haiti.

What’s intriguing is how much Morganthau looks like Nick Ackerman who has involved himself with the FTX case. He doesn’t look happy here does he?

Morganthau could well be the unidentified man in this screenshot of a photo taken in Shanghai China. This photo appeared in a New York Times article on the Jews in Shanghai.


If Morganthau actually died in 2019, then this man looks like he would look if he hadn’t actually died and started taking adrenochrome instead. Notice that he worked in the same office as Morganthau had.

Here are some photos of Morganthau before his announced death:

Manhattan District Attorney’s office is chock full of relatives.

This woman shown next is undoubtedly the fake Wallis Simpson. I was able to easily identify her because she’s named in the book, “Last Kings of Shanghai”. She went to Shanghai to work for the Sassoon and Khadoory families during the Communist takeover of China. She is called Laura Margolis Jarblum, a celebrated Jewess. According to the book, she was set up in an apartment in Shanghai by Victor Sassoon during the years that the fake Edward and Wallis were photographed looking ridiculous. When Victor moved to the Bahamas, the fake Edward and fake Wallis went along. When police showed up at her apartment in Shanghai, she destroyed her papers by flushing them down the toilet, the book reports. Suspicious I’d say. She looks somewhat like Wallis except for the nose.

Scroll all the way to the end and you’ll see two photos of Tartarian giants, two ordinary looking women who are very much larger than the men around them.

But first, this is the fake Wallis:

Giant women of Tartaria.

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