Merkel is Lucinda

I’m not able to go into detail on so many people who are all connected and how they connect to China. I wish I had a staff, but alas.

For example, today I’m prevented electronically from uploading photos of both Lucinda Franks and Angela Merkel, who are undoubtedly the same person. Anyone can search images and information about Lucinda because the publicity she received was abundant and unmerited, just like Merkel. I’ve looked at both and it’s abundantly clear that Merkel is Lucinda in her middle age years. Take screenshots if you’re researching.

This passage in the Bible is a very clear about what happens to a society that glorifies abortion because it’s child sacrifice. Some of us are stuck in this societal insanity, surrounded by powerful lunatics who feel that they are above God’s laws.

What were these castles built for? Who was the enemy? The enemy according to fake history, is falsely identified as The Germans or the Scottish or the French or the English or anything that divides us as a race of interrelated people, historically speaking. The actual written records state clearly that the enemy group were pirates, common enemy to all humanity. Isn’t it important that this fact is precisely what we are not told? Tells you who’s in charge now doesn’t it?

All the genealogies show us that the same related families lived on all the British islands, all the way past Germany and on to Russia, migrating and trading by way of the Northern waters. These trips were so treacherous that the people who made them developed great faith in God’s protection and they built churches dedicated to the different saints who helped them with survival. This explains why the genealogy of the British Royal family is accurately recorded in the “German” churches. It’s a huge subject that I can only touch on as I learn more.

I’m posting here an example genealogy that states clearly that the enemy were pirates, not Scots or Irish or whatever. These records also inform us about the horrible things that pirates did to their captives, like cutting off feet, hands, noses and ears. Others were kept or sold as slaves. This is clearly recorded in church records.

It’s important to know that the recording of important events, especially births, marriage and deaths, was a powerful incentive for people to obey the rules. Those who defied the common rules were threatened with excommunication. This church function of writing and keeping records was more powerful than the King, usually. It was King Henry VIII, we are told, who challenged the Roman Catholic Church at a time when there was no difference between church and state. However, there’s a Frederic II who’s palace was named San Souci near Magdeburg, Germany, who also stole thousands of acres that had been donated to the churches. This started the age of Pirate Supremacy which we are stuck in today.

The name San Souci is probably the source of the name Sassoon.

Also, it’s clear that the retaliation against these pirates are what Faker Historians want to call Christian Crusades against “Muslims”. In reality, there is no record of Muslim existence at the time, only raiders and pirates.

The German church records include the name Adele, or Adelheid, as having inherited the territory of Syria. Many maps at that time had the name Adile printed over Syrian territory, something I’ve pointed out in previous articles. These genealogies explain why. When pirates killed fathers, brothers and uncles, their territory was inherited legally by their children, managed by relatives and records were kept in the Catholic Church. This function of the Roman Catholic Churches are the foundation of civilization.

If one looks at Magdeburg Cathedral and the records of that area, we find where the victims of pirates lived. The raids on Magdeburg at that time resulted that all the church windows were broken and the openings closed with stone, leaving small slits for shooting arrows, still evident today.

In this genealogy, the name Edith is mistranslated here from Latin as Judith because the Jews are relentless in stealing our historical identities, but I’m on it. Edith is the correct translation because ‘Aed’ is related to the Edward and Edmond names, and also Adile/Adele/Adelheid.

This section of the written history states clearly that the battles were against pirates, not other established populations. The castles were built for the protection of the entire community, a place of refuge during pirate raids. Fake historians project their own mentality onto historical records and believe that castles were only for the wealthy, as if the wealthy could survive all alone without help.

To hand over our governments to pirates today must be really pissing off our ancestors. Look at the places they built for their own survival, and look at the people whose ancestors built them, we are the survivors, we are the remnant.

Take note that the Death Head skull and bones actually is the symbol for the Hussar Regiments of Germany representing the Roman Catholic Church and Christendom, enemies of the heathen pirates.

Where is the heath? It’s in North Umberland, England where some of the most impressive castles are located. Stories of the heathen tell us that they lived in old burial places and practiced witchcraft in a place where large burial mounds with rooms, from an ancient civilization, still exist all over the British islands.

Take note also that Kaiser Wilhelm II of Prussia has Mongolian eyes, and this gives us a clue as to who actually were the legitimate “Last Kings of Shanghai”, though Peking is their traditional place of residence. The Empress called Cixi, has a name that actually looks more like Susie. The palace name’San Souci’ may have another meaning. There is so much to say about this, it’s almost overwhelming.

All I can say at this point is that the death’s head symbol is actually anti-pirate and pro-Catholic, which is why pirates today freak out over it.

One thought on “Merkel is Lucinda

  1. Hello, great content…
    I was just reading about mounds people in northern Minnesota— where they archived several thousand burial mounds that were decimated for progress and science in the 50’s and earlier.

    Your Article triggered me to took at that again…

    My point would be to prove that we are nearer to (heaven) than what we are told—-

    The mounds are spots In the world that are closer to heaven.. perhaps.

    Have a great day!


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