Blue Hawaii

Some wonderful Hawaiian music from the thirties.

The following was published on Facebook by a CERN scientist who now cannot collect his pension. This is a an example of what happens to people generally who have helped these pirates. Pirates will be pirates, no matter the title.

“My “office” was the CESR control room for 26 years and my superiors took credit for my work. They know it and it is time
my honorable full retirement is “signed off on”. I worked harder than all employees combined in that CESR control room and had the best vertical emittance and highest luminosity of any particle collider in the world from the mid 1980’s through the 1990’s.
There were dozens of broken sextupoles and survey errors of 1/2 inch magnitude during that period. It was herculean what I did for my laboratory, especially in regards to positron production and injection. Cornell knows my salary during that time and the least that should be done is to pay me for such achievement. A friend took this photo and captioned it. He is a kind brilliant gentleman
and I thank him!”

I’m not giving the scientist’s name because he’s afraid of the Mossad, just like Kanye.

This is the text sent to Kanye by his Mossad handler after Kanye did something this man didn’t like. I’ve known people very close to me who had their brains zapped in some way. It’s a real threat. However, I suspect that someone gave the handler some brain zapping drugs and he got a taste of his own medicine.

The work referred to by this scientist was on CERN, supposedly a particule collider but looking closely I suspect strongly that they are developing long distance laser beam technology. No peaceful use for that

Here’s a link to the description of research at CERN, so you can judge for yourself:

Next is an audio recording of the anonymous CERN scientist who worked at Cornell, not MIT, in which depopulation was an issue that they took upon themselves to “deal” with. He mentions Fauchi as a colleague. He talks about Vanunu and a few others worth researching. This is one man’s opinion, much that I don’t agree with, an anonymous conversation from an interesting perspective.

WARNING ⚠️ The audio file is raw and unedited. Some vulgarity (not much) so this is for adults only, Please edit for your youngsters..

In the conversation he admits that these scientists were concerned with overpopulation and took it upon themselves to correct the problem. He doesn’t totally agree with them, but explains their point of view. Thus you see the dangers of atheism and self importance. Anyone else would put their trust in God and encourage people to spread out upon the vast earth and grow their own food. A real scientist would help people to do that. These scientists don’t think that way. They apparently think nothing of killing millions in order to “solve a problem” that hasn’t happened yet, and probably never will. People have a way of working things out when not interfered with, but these scientists don’t believe it. Genocide is incomprehensible to the rest of us, which is why people in general refuse to believe it.

One subject that he brings up regards his belief that intelligence can be nurtured with enough training. I’ve grown up at a time when the gifted and talented were suppressed and the less naturally capable were given nurturance, supported and provided with high positions of authority. I’m not seeing this work out very well. I personally hate the rotten luck of being born at this period of chaos, global incompetence and downright lunacy at all levels. All I can do is watch the world crumble. No participation for me, just a big bowl of popcorn, and wack a mole fun.

This film explains a lot, and it’s important for a full understanding of world events:

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