Value of a Person

This is my bank balance this week, and in the eyes of some people this reflects my own value as a human being. As you can see, I’m not worth much. Still, I’d rather be me than anyone else I know.

The subject under consideration is whether or not the super wealthy are, in fact, immune to consequences for their hurtful actions toward others. Obviously they think they are. This belief is the basis for crime syndicates. The point that they attempt to demonstrate to the rest of us is precisely that they are immune to natural laws and consequences. They are at war with God almighty and fully expect to win through bribery and such projects as mass murder vaccine enforcement.

Is there anyone who hasn’t suffered under the arrogance and entitlement of Klaus Schwab, Bill and Melinda Gates, Henry Kissinger, Larry Fink, Bibi Netanyahu and their family and friends? Everyone except themselves has certainly suffered, whether the sufferers know the source of the suffering or not. Not knowing the source is the point of the existence of crime syndicates. They present themselves as worthy of respect. They hold important positions in government and business. They have honorary degrees and yachts. They present themselves as high value people.

Davos Switzerland is host to these billionaires who publicly proclaim that their goal is to “shape” every aspect of our lives. Try to speak to them though and they run away in fear. I look at their hideous faces and wonder what goes on in their psychopathic minds that gives them the idea that they can shape our lives? How much of their agenda is based on their envy of the healthy, the beautiful, the intelligent, the creative? By making the best and brightest of humanity homeless, unemployed, hopeless or dead, do these billionaires find it easier to look themselves in the mirror? By destroying our communities and families, do they actually succeed in finding happiness? I think they do. I have to admit, their arrogance and self confidence is truly amazing to behold. Look at Sam Bankman Fried pretending to apologize, turn off the sound and watch the look of joy on his face.

Meanwhile, those of us with 79 cents in our only bank account are actually enjoying ourselves with very little effort. How hard these billionaires must work to find joy, and even then, is it really joy? They must believe that it is. And if it isn’t joy, then they must believe that if only they invade one more peaceful affordable neighborhood, empty the bank account of one more productive person, drain the blood of one more innocent, beautiful child then finally they will have that elusive joy that they seek.

I confess that I’m enjoying watching them get arrested, and hoping they don’t get away with their crimes this time. Yes, this certainly brings a smile of joy to my face. And I don’t feel sorry for them one bit.

One thought on “Value of a Person

  1. The size of our bank accounts 🥲 the suffering that one must endure is worth it… I’d rather be myself than be fighting to defend pointless and harmful lines of revenue.


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