Playing Pretend

I’m okay with pretending that a spy isn’t a spy because it’s so much easier to deal with them that way. It’s not like I’m important enough to be spied upon, right? Only lunatics think that spies exist, millions of people employed worldwide in security and “intelligence” agencies tell you so.

Beware when you suddenly hear the identical catch phrase used throughout the controlled media. What other kind is there, I know. Notice the term “win the hearts and minds of the people” in an interview with the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rami, seven years ago. The body language of this man speaks much louder than his words, which apparently are coming to him from an ear speaker and he’s repeating what he hears. I could be mistaken about that but I think Obama (Jacinda Ardern?) did it also. Fake world leaders are made possible by such technology. This is all relevant to the recent arrest of an FBI agent or two who did business with Edi Rama. This next video shows Edi Rama 7 years ago fearfully kissing up to the Mossad. Who knows what they have on him. Doesn’t he resemble one of the two men in Arlene’s collection who she had to sue for stealing money from her driveway project in Mark Twain Subdivision, Kau district Hawaii? And the other man in that old lawsuit resembles McGonigal… just a coincidence.

What a juvenile game of pretend these people have going. Once you become aware of the fakery, it’s obvious isn’t it? There isn’t one truthful statement that I remember in this so-called “interview”.

Beware of the term
“hearts and minds of the people”.

They’re talking about how successful their lies are.

If “winning” depends upon how successful the propaganda is, then each of us actually do make a difference. We can propagate the truth. Our survival depends upon whether people seek out and choose the truth, or whether they choose to indulge in lies that flatter themselves and prolong their own privileged status, not mindful of the basic unfairness involved, and the violence and destruction and death that it leads to.

This is a high stakes game of pretending that is doomed for failure, and it’s a treasonous failure at that. Success depends upon not getting caught. Within each successive operation, the gains induce an ever stronger desire for more. Whether these operations are strictly legal or not is besides the point, because at the highest level of power, it takes less than a billion dollars to get a law changed to make evil good and good evil. It’s just a question of how quickly they can get that done.

Here’s what getting caught looks like:

Retired top FBI official Charles McGonigal pleaded not guilty in federal court in Washington on Wednesday to criminal charges alleging he took at least $225,000 from a former Albanian intelligence agent while serving as the chief of counterintelligence for the FBI’s New York field office.

McGonigal’s arraignment came two days after he pleaded not guilty in an unrelated case in New York, a five-count indictment that accuses him of money laundering and violating U.S. sanctions after he left the FBI in 2018 by investigating a rival of sanctioned Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

McGonigal, who retired from the FBI after a 22-year career, is one of the most senior former FBI officials to be indicted in recent years.

As counterintelligence chief of the New York office, he oversaw high-profile, sensitive investigations, including that of Deripaska.

In recent days, conservatives have sought to link McGonigal to the FBI’s investigation of former President Donald Trump during Trump’s term in office, but his role in that probe appears tenuous.

Could be imprisoned for decades

In the Washington case, McGonigal, 54, faces nine counts of concealing material facts, making false statements, and falsifying records and documents. He could face decades in prison if convicted.

Appearing via video link from New York where he is out on bail, McGonigal pleaded not guilty to all nine charges against him.

Or he could be executed for treason. VOA news has a series of articles that give a scrubbed version of real indictments of real people that I’ve been writing about who are out on bail at this time. By ‘scrubbed’ I mean to say that it’s a version whereby Putin is tied in as a “friend”, true enough and mention is made of his illegal “invasion” of Ukraine, and something derogatory about Trump and Americans is always thrown in. Photos are shopped to protect identities. This implicates Voice of America employees as complicit in the concealment of such serious crimes as human trafficking and even genocide. This is due to their defense of the criminals who’ve pulled a coup in Ukraine and installed Zelensky to destroy, not Russia, but Ukraine itself. All of this gets tied in, but at least we get from VOA some news of people I’ve found implicated in other crimes, one of which is the gymnast lover of Putin who holds high positions in several “democracies” around the world, using various false identities. She’s certainly not working alone. She’s out on bale, and beginning to look familiar.

This might be her, might not be. Either way, I pray, stay far away from me.

I’ve taken a good look at several photos of McGonigal and I find that he resembles Representative Jim Jordan. Both wives also resemble each other, and I’ve only just begun to look at Albania. The fact that the photos are obscured leaves all of this yet to be proven.

The real live spy in front of me is equally impossible to prove. But imagine how much you’re able to learn by observing the spy whose task is to copy your ideas and learn your weaknesses for exploitation purposes. Pay attention to what gives them joy, and if nothing else, you’ll see how evil people can be.

I wonder that spies are willing to take such risks, like for example, the risk that some other spy might be watching them spy, and following them around. It’s very boring to watch people like me, for example and much more interesting to watch the spy who’s pretending to be my friend. Spies live in a bubble and so they have no idea how obvious they are, the way they are trained to use the exact same catch phrases and little tricks, each one exactly like the last, going all the way back to my step mom Caro and phony friend Lisa Abrams in Costa Rica, many years ago. Always anxious and determined to be a friend, and then equally determined to twist something innocent into something distorted and evil, like themselves. If only they could spy on themselves and see what terrible blowback they are bound to receive for their interference in the lives of innocent people who have done them no harm whatsoever.

Many times I’ve seen the great pride they take in their ability to copy people and then destroy them. The joy on their faces when anything goes bad for the victim, it’s all so old and boring. These are techniques that are used both at the level of government and at the personal level. The goal is to create disturbance and chaos, enabling saboteurs to operate without being noticed while everyone else is busy defending themselves against engineered poverty, fake racism, allegations of crimes committed in ancient times by alleged ancestors, homophobia, the holocaust, etc., all of it based on lies about historic events.

How to return to sender:

Refuse to apologize for anything that you didn’t do personally, anything that hasn’t gone to trial and has not had presentation of evidence, so you spend no time defending yourself against slander. Speak this loud and clear. This leaves you time and energy to focus on information to be gleaned from the accusers. Then when you’ve had enough of their lies and sabotage attempts, I suggest ghosting them cold. They are dangerous to be around for any extended length of time, whether online or off, because they suck souls out of people and insert demon entities into bodies. For real. Praying a lot for protection helps, but only for a little while until you can dump them permanently in a peaceful way. Distance is the key to surviving the demon possessed. No anger necessary.

Meanwhile, there is intel to be gathered.

Where does the spy go, which retired cop with notorious reputation does she visit, where does she actually live, where does she pretend to live, does she know any Russian oligarchs on the run, what makes her nervous, who does she promote, your questions should abound. Get a few photos and even tell the sniveling “surveillance officer” straight up that you recognize her and show her who you know who she is and amazingly it makes no difference. They will deny it and continue to pretend. That’s okay, a spy’s job is to pretend so get comfortable with it and proceed regardless of facts. It’s called gas lighting. Expect it, and return it.

Being such an insignificant player in the game, I wouldn’t mind being “human bait” stuck on a hook for spy catching, at least for a little while until the spies figure it out and learn that a sure way to get yourself identified is to come anywhere near me. None of this is really happening, I’m just pretending.

I have been wondering when this man would ever be arrested, the one I see as Representative Jim Jordan, but here he is identified as an FBI agent called McGonigal who’s tied to Albanian politics and bribery. I’m not wasting any hatred on him, it all gets utilized in prayers that he gets caught. Here is one photo, but there was another one with a different person identified as McGonigal who looks like the son of my Uncle June who I’ve mentioned in relation to Turkey. This is complicated but it appears that the two photos are conflated, so I’m keeping an eye on this. Jett (my cousin) and Tootie (John Brennan FBI) are good friends, this is why a person like Jett could possibly become an FBI agent. This is actually all about smuggling, nothing to do with solving crimes.

Berisha is the opposition to Edi Rama in Albania.

Berisha threw several accusations at Yuri Kim, [Kim is yet another foreign born person working in US government, like so many others. It’s basically against the law to hire native born Americans and we’re not even allowed to call ourselves native. Yuri Kim (born c. 1972) is a South Korean-born U.S. diplomat serving as the United States Ambassador to Albaniasince 2020.[1][2] Kim is the first Korean-American woman to represent the United States as an Ambassador and the first U.S. ambassador from Guam.[3], as if this is something to celebrate.]


“the governor [I think he means to say the Ambassador] is a McGonigal, against whom there are many accusations of all forms of corruption… I call on the FBI, other US agencies, to investigate what her attitudes were towards McGonigal. Did she inform her country about the meetings he had, about his activities, about his frequent visits to Albania?
Did she inform about Deripaska in Albania, about his companies that swelled like leeches in Albania, not to mention that they were under strict US sanctions for four years? There was that lunch and dinner with the Rama-McGonigal team. These and other things are important for the authorities of the friendly country to get to the end of this matter” , declared Berisha.

The U.S. imposed new sanctions Tuesday targeting Russian elites, including oligarchs and a woman — one-time Olympic rhythmic gymnast champion Alina Kabaeva — often named in news reports as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s lover and mother of four of his children. 

The Treasury Department froze the visa of Kabaeva, 39, and imposed other property restrictions on her. She is a former member of the Russian Duma, the country’s legislative body, and is also head of a Russian national media company that has promoted Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Kremlin opponents and Putin critic Alexey Navalny have called for sanctions against Kabaeva, contending that her news outlet had taken the lead in portraying Western commentary on the invasion as a disinformation campaign. 

Britain sanctioned Kabaeva in May, and the European Union imposed travel and asset restrictions on her in June. 

Among the others sanctioned was Andrey Grigoryevich Guryev, an oligarch who owns the Witanhurst estate, a 25-bedroom mansion considered to be the second-largest estate in London after Buckingham Palace. 

The U.S. also blocked movement of his $120 million yacht, the Alfa Nero, and sanctioned his son, Andrey Andreevich Guryev, and his son’s Russian investment firm, Dzhi AI Invest OOO.

This is Yuri Kim, the Korean born US Ambassador to Albania.

Other players to watch:

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