The Age of Unfairness

Unfairness is what I’ve seen become an American ideal in my lifetime. The white kids in America are sort of shocked at what they’ve been born into and this shock is exploited by drug dealers, for two generations now.

Diversity hiring is unfair, training and promoting lesser talent of any sort, for any reason, while blocking out the naturally talented in any field is unfair. Ignoring the talented people who happen to have sort of white skin, non kinky hair, small ears and noses, is unfair. Ostracism of people who are not in the spy community is unfair. It’s unfair that skin color is all that matters and that the only way to prove your fairness is to be unfair to the designated out-group, which is the white skinned non-Jews.

To give special attention and treatment to blacks and Jews, Asians and Africans, while ignoring the so called whites is supposed to be the acceptable method for proving a person’s fairness, intellectual superiority and progressiveness, which of course is ridiculous.

How long can ridiculous unfairness continue before it becomes a murderous problem? Not long apparently. Until now, the problem has been for the murderees, not the murderers. As long as the murdered are members of the out-group, there’s nothing to stop it. The victims have long been ostracized, gagged and virtually imprisoned. No one is asking us for our opinion on anything, much less showing concern for the real actual results of this official national worship of black people and the foreign born.

Let’s look at how well this has worked out. For me personally and my offspring, we barely survive but since we don’t know any other culture but the unfair one in which we live, no one even thinks to speak about it. I remember when it wasn’t like this, but talking about it only makes it much worse for the individual speaker. Ask Kanye. Is anyone friendly looking for him? Under the present mind control culture, murderous bureaucrats are more acceptable than a white person who asks politely to be treated with the same respect as that given to foreigners, blacks, Asians and the proudly sexually deviant. It’s simply not acceptable to expect fairness for those who are born white and straight in America. So we don’t expect it. No one is even asking for it.

The results are evident.

Incompetency everywhere, the only option is to escape to an off grid cabin and pray. This is not a satisfactory solution. People need companionship and loving communities. The internet is a temporary substitute but still not satisfactory. At least I’m not in a tent on the sidewalk like huge numbers of other Americans. The homeless problem seems to coincide with the Age of Unfairness. I still can’t say for certain that homelessness won’t happen to me yet. There are murderous bureaucrats, intelligence community operatives and foreigners in positions of power who are working daily to put people like me on the street in a tent. It’s only fair, they say. We must pay for what we’ve been accused of with no trial or presentation of evidence, they say. That’s what being white is all about, they say: no trial, no justice, only slanderous propaganda which is endless, relentless and destructive to the point that complete extermination of humanity is a real possibility.

So we have tent cities, child exploitation of all sorts, bio weapons passed off as medical treatment, a military in disarray, media that spouts lies 24 hours a day, and now inflation that makes pensions a joke. Add to this, a constant, steady flow of American wealth to foreign countries in too many ways to list here. In what is supposed to be a classless society, we have a class of people who aren’t even allowed to get a job and do paying work because our attachment to truth makes us a threat to the system and the people who benefit from it. Why is this happening? Who hates some of us and why? Where does the hatred come from?

I think I know. The hatred is from envy of the natural talent of others. Rather than developing one’s own natural talent, the hater focuses on the talent of others, seeking sometimes to go so far as to murder the one who is envied. It’s that simple. I’m calling it laziness, at best. Natural talent must be developed by hard work, it’s not enough on its own. This is where a supportive family comes in, and a supportive culture and government. In the absence of this support, the door is wide open for drug dealers who exploit the depressed, the targeted, the dispossessed.

When will the unfairness end? I hate to say it, but it’s pretty obvious that it doesn’t end until total destruction of civilization is accomplished. Unless, that is, unless someone, somewhere has been doing the necessary job of bringing criminals to justice, one way or another. Whether or not that is happening, is not so obvious. Someone in government or family seems to always be protecting a criminal from justice, allowing that criminal to develop their criminal talents and thereby stacking up victims and stolen property.

I’m just an outsider watching the destruction from the distance, trying to duck the blowback. One thing is certain: unfairness doesn’t look pretty at all, after it’s all played out.

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