Updates and Scam Earthquakes

The electricity angels made sure that when I woke up this morning, whatever I did last night to mess up my solar system was repaired as if by the magical reset button. And I have a ride to the store with the least sketchy person I know, which isn’t saying much, but I’m grateful.

As for that earthquake in Syria and Turkey, there is much in common with 9/11, including dustification of entire buildings, immediate full news reports all with the same “information” from a large number of mainstream news organizations, immediate call for money, more money and of course, lots more money. I’m not convinced by any of it. Drone footage does not show massive devastation. It shows a building here and there, no trembles before or after and the rescue efforts are done by the White Hats who are supposed to be a local rescue force in the middle of Arab country but for some reason have “White Hats” written in English across the back of their jackets. Sketchiness abounds. Biden is quick to send money, but since our treasury is empty, he’s putting it on the credit card and letting future generations pay for it while he gets the accolades for generosity. I’m sure his heart goes out to the victims. Eye roll.

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