Those Bothersome Sane People

What happens when sane people are thrown under the bus for the sake of monetization.

Before our “betters” achieved their goal of replacing great content with something else, for awhile it was possible to get very good long form content on all the alternatives to YouTube, namely Rumble, Bitchute and Brighteon.

I’ve observed the steady degradation of online entertainment, news and educational content over the past ten years or so. The best online free content was produced awhile back just at the point when the entire tech industry was taken over by oligarchs and mob members. The new owners were forcing native born Americans to train their foreign born replacements. The extremely talented and recently unemployed American tech workers then began to produce amazing content for a brief period. Then the great content was all censored out, their channels cancelled and their videos stolen and re-edited into something sad, depressing and even insane. In those days YouTube was just about the only option for online free content.

Then the mainstream media began to lose their audience. The people who made it irrelevant decided to invade and repeat the process with YouTube and the alternatives. They’ve now accomplished their goal. Needless to say the results are both sad, depressing and insane. YouTube and the alternatives are now irrelevant, with some exceptions of course. Even the how-to videos are full of fakers who delight in lying to people. The history “documentary” producers should be convicted for treason in several countries.

Because I recognize the faces so easily, I see that about 100% of the content on all platforms is now made by the same production crew. They change makeup, hair color and gender to appear to be different people. There are several Trumps. The reason I say 100% of content is because their content is all that I see. It looks like they copy and then quash anything new and independent and it’s done immediately after it’s first uploaded. It’s done by insiders I think, because it’s done so quickly, so completely, and the copied content is force fed, to me anyway.

I’m watching this monopoly of new media content and seeing how it’s playing out. What happens when creators who are actually only plagiarists in many cases, having no talent, no real feedback or competition, are allowed free reign to lie as much as they want?

I’m seeing them lose their minds in public, live streaming, on air, or even pre recorded. Don Lemon is the best example recently. It’s hubris in action, pride before the fall, and it’s not even fun to watch that. Nothing that these third rate plagiarists do is entertaining, not even their public meltdowns, but I’ll watch the meltdowns anyway since media study is what I do.

For example, where is the influencer media monopolist who is working to reduce the historical lies about white Americans? No where. Imagine how much peace making was not done. Where are the media monopolists who are affirming family, marriage before sexual relations or monogamous, long term partnerships? What I am actually seeing are media monopolists who use the twisted woke agenda to attract sexual partners for themselves. This is a huge subject, but the number of life coaches available online is a hint of what’s really happening here. Andrew Tate is an example of the use of the internet and the preaching of false “religion”, like the religion of far left wokism, for the purpose of attracting women into his harem. He’s not the only one doing this.

In general, we have world leaders and media personalities who think that their job is to announce to us that their own failures are leading to every horror imaginable. It’s coming, they tell us, always smiling, trying to look sexy and with immensely expensive hair and makeup for their online appearance. I’m so tired of hearing about the recession, the genocide, the famine, the white supremacy, all the endless media violence against humanity. Thank god for old stolen movies that the thieves have uploaded and monetized, otherwise I’d actually have to deal with daily reality. I’m hunkered down in my concrete bunker of sanity, watching the meltdowns, waiting for the enemy to self destruct. It’s happening.

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