This short lecture includes the names of many people who are associated in some way with the Kennedy assassination and the following non-investigation. He mentions that the film JFK, directed by Oliver Stone, was funded by “Israel’s Biggest Arms Dealer”, Arnon Milchan. He mentions that JFK opposed the arms build up in Israel. MilCHAN is selling arms all over the world and maybe he owns a house in Israel, a place unacquainted with Milchan bombs.

I’m collecting photos of everyone Piper mentioned, and it’s bringing me back to the beginning of this blog, back when gangster photos were not yet posted publicly. A business called Ferris Trading is selling them. Where could all these mob photos come from? Remember my photography teacher Mr. Edmunds who looks so much like David Ferrie? Just saying.

Piper highlights Tiber Rosenbaum:

Could almost pass for Hitler.

Piper also mentions this film guy:

This Auchswitz film created by Oliveros is titled the “Angel of Budapest” about a woman who saved Jews from being killed by those pesky Christian people. The Jewish “angel”depicted here could have bushy blonde hair in another identity.

Can you look at these faces and spot the connection yet? It’s only visible if you want it to be. If not, read on.

Home wrecker Camilla Parker Bowles, as Queen Consort, does not inherit the crown upon the death of Charles3. If only mistresses could be Queen. If William were to meet an untimely end, then we have King Harold and Queen Meghan. It’s possible that the Lilly Bet and her brother are the grandchildren of Camilla. There are clues but it’s sketchy at this point and I don’t want to post photos of children. I’m talking about possible major tragedies here. Harry and Meghan could be morphed into almost anyone, using internet fakery and so who knows who would be up next to finish off the native Brits. Harry’s forehead looks fake as it is. Maybe someone can pull it to see if it’s removable. His photos on the internet are inconsistent.

In this photo his ears are shown much smaller than in other photos. His ears shrink and grow randomly.

This is a bill presented in Parliament but not voted yet. It gives the reigning monarch power to remove titles, rather than by vote of Parliament.

I suspect that Camilla is related to the fake Wallis and the fake Edward8. Here’s the fake Wallis, last seen in the Bahamas after leaving Shanghai.

I am not even sure if Laura Margolis or Mrs. Robert Maxwell is male or female. I see a male. I’m not sure if these two are the same person, but they both look like men and are very similar.

All the photos of the fake Wallis look like men. Who is this man? The gangster photos provide a possibility.

Here’s a photo of Happy Rockefeller. I thought the faces were similar and the feet and legs are so manly.

This wife with Lucky Luciano is not female. Interesting to note that the advertising algorithm brings up items for sale that are related to transgender people when this photo shows up. This “Lisa Lissoni” appears in many gangster photos, from boyhood, but with different names.

For an example of demoralization propaganda, I’m posting this documentary about Camilla and the fake “royal” family in which is sought to normalize adultery, illegitimacy and mistresses. The pain inflicted on families who have to live with divorce, step parents or a mistress is actually portrayed in this video. However the suffering and embarrassment of children is acceptable, according to this strange propaganda piece about Camilla the mistress who believes that she’s queen material.

Also take note of who is pretending to be interviewed. One of them looks a lot like Charles himself pretending to be someone else insulting Camilla.

In my imagined scenario, Camilla would have leverage because she has evidence of the treasonous identity theft of Wallis and Edward. I’m wondering if the mystery mother of Lilly Bet and her brother could be one of Camilla’s daughters. Camilla must have other identities, besides the so-called Angel depicted in the holocaust propaganda movie. This is a cultural norm within the poser tribe. I think I’ve met one of them and even have a photo. Just so happens she calls herself Lilly Talbot, possibly the source of Lilly Bet’s name. She also says that her real name was Tannenbaum but her mother thought that Talbot sounded less Jewish and so changed the name. Her mother also dressed her as a boy when she was young. In a Catholic culture, none of this would be tolerated.

The next video is a description of the kind of lifelong crimes being committed by these organized families who marry their most hated enemies to destroy them and steal property and identities.

Warning: The narrator is using tarot cards and she curses too much, so adults only. However her description of the crime is priceless. She makes suggestions on how to stop this crime, but there is no solution within a system allows for bribery. To me, this shows why we need a true Roman Catholic infrastructure to bring respect back to the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony. The infiltrated fake CIA mob “priests” need to get the hell out of the Churches and this may not happen until their scorched earth operation is completed, and sensible people have passed this survival test.

You can see here how evil these identity thieves are made to look in order to discredit the British Royal Family. Some serious pain has been caused by these people, and then their children and extended families drag the inflicted suffering on through many generations. Remember this next time you are subjected to the torture of having to listen to this group of clowns slander the heritage of the United Kingdom, and that of America also.

If we have not one authorized person who isn’t bribed and complicit, then I call on God Almighty to help us put a halt to this on-going and ever more destructive crime of identity theft. Along with the identity theft, is the theft of our children, our elders, our brothers and sisters. We all know how it goes.

I’m seeing more and more photos of Ghislaine Maxwell made up to look like me. Jeffrey is made up to look like my ex-husband, father of my children. How easy it would be to substitute me and him for Ghislaine and Jeffrey in the jail cell and then steal my grandchildren? Actually her hair is much thinner and straighter than mine, but photos are for fakers. Also she is very masculine and broad shouldered, while I’m more petite. However, few people actually know what I look like.

It’s clear that keeping me trapped in my house surrounded by fake friends and traitors is part of the crime of identity theft. There’s enough of my stolen money to go around for everyone that I’ve ever known who’s still alive. I’ve been calling out for help for several years. The criminals are getting lots of assistance, and it’s sad to see who they’re getting the assistance from, all people who smile to my face, all lovers of money and backstabbers. However, some are being tried and executed in military tribunals, according to Check it out. I recognize one of them.

Ghislaine doesn’t actually look like this one on the left. Her hair is not thick and bushy, the face is slightly different.
This is a photo from a long time ago, these two are now in their seventies at least. This woman is the one called Tannenbaum. I think that with blonde hair she looks and behaves exactly like Camilla, if Camilla wears prosthetic breasts and is a card carrying narcissist, that is. I pray for the salvation of her soul, though she makes mockery of such things.

The Tannenbaum woman informed me of this lawsuit in which the school board, therefore the taxpayer, is being sued because a child molester was allowed to teach. The child molester gets off the hook completely and possibly gets a cut of the settlement. Also interesting that the Tanenbaum woman has a friend who is from India, a doctor who she says is paid $30,000 per vaccine that he administered. I can’t verify that. When I look at the photo of Gene Senzer (the gene therapy guy, get it?) I see Anthony Fauci behind those big 1970’s eye glasses.

Notice that he is the A/V, audio visual teacher, convenient for creating child porn.

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