Christians must DIE ! says the Rabbi-The Threat Facing Gentiles

Let’s consider the source of the trouble that Scott Adams didn’t react emotionally to at all. He specializes in examining fake news and the public reaction to it, and why wouldn’t he. This, on the other hand, is not fake news: 47% of blacks polled say whites should die, however nicely you want to phrase that. A 1000 person Rasmussen poll is actually a large number compared to other polls that have been cited by people trying to make a point.

According to the film linked below, 20% of Jews agree with the 47% of blacks who believe all whites should die and there’s an additional percentage who aren’t sure and are therefore easy to manipulate with propaganda. It doesn’t matter, because a democracy-government can be co-opted by a small percentage of any group, be they lunatics or not.

Who says “Christians must DIE”? The group that has taken control of the Israeli government says so. All Zionist occupied governments must implement the Jewish law requiring them to burn churches and kill all non Jews. It’s their religion and in a democracy we have freedom of religion. Here is the clip along with what seems like a reasonable explanation by a Jewish American woman, so say:

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