The 1997 Repeal of the Slave Trade Act of 1874

Why would Tony Blair in 1997 want to repeal the very legislation that effectively ended the international slave trade in 1874, especially within the jurisdiction of the British Crown? The answer is obviously that the people occupying British Parliament in 1997, or their secret employers, fully intended to engage in the slave trade. The intention, it cannot be denied, was to revive slavery as a … Continue reading The 1997 Repeal of the Slave Trade Act of 1874

Satanism in the Midwest

Amid all the sad destruction by Midwest tornadoes, I noticed a discrepancy in one report. Drone footage shows empty concrete slabs where houses had been, the actual tornado leaves absolutely nothing standing in it’s path. However, this one building was different. The roof collapse at a theatre in Belvedere, Illinois is attributed to 50-60 mph winds, which shouldn’t be strong enough to collapse a roof. … Continue reading Satanism in the Midwest