The 1997 Repeal of the Slave Trade Act of 1874

Why would Tony Blair in 1997 want to repeal the very legislation that effectively ended the international slave trade in 1874, especially within the jurisdiction of the British Crown? The answer is obviously that the people occupying British Parliament in 1997, or their secret employers, fully intended to engage in the slave trade. The intention, it cannot be denied, was to revive slavery as a legal business activity which cannot be prosecuted.

Revival of the slave trade is a most interesting consequence of diversity in British politics. No Catholics allowed in Parliament. Only atheists, Jews, Arabs, African blacks who aren’t Catholic and other foreigners from nations that are traditional enemies of Christianity, and what do they do? Revive the slave trade that Christians under the British Crown had long since eliminated.

The native British now actively practice “racism” against themselves. They’ve sold their priceless Roman religious birthright for a worthless bowl of diverse porridge. It’s incomprehensible to me.

This next link is a professional’s attempt to decipher the weasel wording of the 1997 repeal. Another item to consider is the use of the English language in this legislation to prevent truthful communication. Also consider this use of the legislative system to legalize crime by simply repealing previous legislation. This underlines the need for unchangeable laws such as that recorded in Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Constantly changing laws are equivalent to no law at all. A union of church and state is what we have still. The only revolution was that which unites England and many other states also, with the church of Satan.

Link to the United Kingdom website with the original legislation and subsequent additions and final repeal:

If you try to search information on the repeal of 1997 and who voted for it, you’ll be diverted into this distraction:

“The Slave Trade Act 1807, officially An Act for the Abolition of the Slave Trade, was an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom prohibiting the slave trade in the British Empire.” Subsequent acts strengthened this one.

A historical pattern shows that anything that has ever replaced the Roman Catholic paradigm has always and everywhere led directly to the legalization of slavery. For example this from


 “In the last months of 1806, Napoleon had won a major victory, crushing the military power of Prussia, entering into its capital Berlin and there issuing the Berlin Decree, bringing into effect the Continental System whose declared purpose was to weaken the British economy by closing French-controlled territory to its trade.[18]Originally, the French Revolution had abolished slavery, [actually slavery was long since illegal throughout the Roman Catholic Church territories] but Napoleon – though claiming the mantle of continuing the revolutionary heritage – had in 1802 taken the retrograde step of reintroducing slavery in the French colonies.”

Napoleon was a flying monkey for the Freemason Satanists who call themselves “bankers”.

During the 1997–2001 Parliament, Tony Blair served as Prime Minister.

Parliamentarians photos here, using search term “members of parliament 1997.

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