What isn’t Reported in America: Beslan Five Years Ago

This is the first I ever hear of this horrible attack in Beslan Russia  that happened five years ago. The oligarchs who own American media were obviously interested in protecting the culprits, probably one and the same.  The culprits are whoever sent these young brainwashed mercenaries into a school to terrorize and torture children for three days in a gym, giving no food or water, … Continue reading What isn’t Reported in America: Beslan Five Years Ago

Who is Prince Andrew?

    James Comey, Prince Andrew and David Luke are the same person, it seems to me. Only the following paragraph contains corrections concerning ownership of the airboat company from the original article: I have mentioned this before, that I knew Dave Luke  because he was a close friend of Royce, when we lived on Henry Clay Street in New Orleans in the late 1970’s. … Continue reading Who is Prince Andrew?

Lukashenko, Belarus and Benny Hill

What happened to Benny Hill? The President of Belarus is Alexander Lukashenko. Alexander Lukashenko’s Wikipedia entry, along with everything concerning Benny Hill is censored for me and so it won’t cut and paste.  Links won’t copy either. So they are saving me a lot of work and you now have key words to do your own search and decide for yourself if it’s the same … Continue reading Lukashenko, Belarus and Benny Hill