Hot August

Now anyone can accuse me of lying and inventing convenient memories that enhance my story line. So far I haven’t done that, haven’t needed to. and haven’t even written some of the best stuff. I’m actually trying not to embarrass anyone but myself and those guilty of terrible crimes. Any random thought or emotion that I remember from years ago isn’t critical to the outcome … Continue reading Hot August

Vision of Victory in 1978

The Hegellian thesis describes controlled opposition in a theatre of war where both sides are part of the same theatre troupe. The theatre troupe is the third party to the operation, the third rail. One side pretends to be your friend while they plot against you, and the other side is portrayed as your worst enemy even though they are actually your ally, and this natural … Continue reading Vision of Victory in 1978


I feel like I’m playing hooky and didn’t do my homework. A flood of information recently leads me to analysis paralysis, unsure if what I reveal might put someone’s life in danger. Being so unsure, my solution is to retreat and watch, letting the facts digest slowly.  The story is getting into territory that’s too personal to write about publicly, with too many unverified aspects … Continue reading Absence

Sonja Henie, the Matriarch of American Dance

Mitzi Gaynor is not a character that I was familiar with on film, until I realized that Mitzi Gaynor is Agnes Moorehead is Cameron’s great grandmother and April’s grandmother. That would make her the mother of Frank Sinatra also, as a logical follow through, although I haven’t reconciled all the details yet, and still could be wrong about the precise relationships. Judging by her face … Continue reading Sonja Henie, the Matriarch of American Dance

Israel Mistakenly Identified as US Ally

Today Israel is celebrating their victory over it’s enemies, one of which is the United States of America. Israeli carpet bombed the USS Liberty which was sitting in international waters as a communications monitor, supposedly an ally of Israel. America has mistakenly identified Israel as an ally ever since. And Israel has not stopped it’s attacks on the United States, using divisive social tactics, bribery, … Continue reading Israel Mistakenly Identified as US Ally

Little Lord Fauntleroy

The word Faunt from The Century Dictionary is a noun meaning ‘An infant; a child’. Obviously the etymology is from the French word l’enfant. Therefore, Fauntleroy means: The child king. This movie caught my attention because I remember hearing the phrase, Little Lord Fauntleroy when I was growing up. I didn’t know about the movie until now. The theme, the actor’s faces, the women’s party dresses, the … Continue reading Little Lord Fauntleroy