Military Generals

Let’s look at Generals around the world to understand the heights of treason that we’ve been up against. I won’t attempt to cover all of their fake identities, just a few. Let’s begin with General Haftar of Libya and Alexander Lukashenko, the self/described Dictator of Belarus whose citizens are holding impressive demonstrations in Minsk lately. With Lukashenko in mind, look at Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar, … Continue reading Military Generals

Dam Spillway Cavitation: What is it?

Cavitation is a danger in all spillways attached to large dams. The Three Gorges Dam, and others along the Yangtze River are the ones in question at the moment. Cavitation occurred at the Glen Canyon Dam in 1983. Repairs were made in time to deal with the snow melt of 1984, at very high cost. The video documentary above is a record of how it … Continue reading Dam Spillway Cavitation: What is it?

Eugenics: Blacks, Jews and Deadly Vaccines

If you research eugenics, you’ll get the impression that it was an evil concept created by White Christian types called “Germans”, designed to rid the world of Blacks and Jews. Of course this isn’t true. German Christians aren’t a threat to me or anyone, but the head of the World Health Organization is a Black man with a plan to force deadly vaccines on the … Continue reading Eugenics: Blacks, Jews and Deadly Vaccines

Hot August

Now anyone can accuse me of lying and inventing convenient memories that enhance my story line. So far I haven’t done that, haven’t needed to. and haven’t even written some of the best stuff. I’m actually trying not to embarrass anyone but myself and those guilty of terrible crimes. Any random thought or emotion that I remember from years ago isn’t critical to the outcome … Continue reading Hot August

Vision of Victory in 1978

The Hegellian thesis describes controlled opposition in a theatre of war where both sides are part of the same theatre troupe. The theatre troupe is the third party to the operation, the third rail. One side pretends to be your friend while they plot against you, and the other side is portrayed as your worst enemy even though they are actually your ally, and this natural … Continue reading Vision of Victory in 1978


I feel like I’m playing hooky and didn’t do my homework. A flood of information recently leads me to analysis paralysis, unsure if what I reveal might put someone’s life in danger. Being so unsure, my solution is to retreat and watch, letting the facts digest slowly.  The story is getting into territory that’s too personal to write about publicly, with too many unverified aspects … Continue reading Absence