Cluster Bombing

With great hypocrisy about “human rights”, China complains when the tables turn.  When a secret war becomes public, the advantages of secrecy are lost.  Chinese weapons consist of deceit: lie, cheat and steal from America.  Then all’s fair in war. Huawei senior executive’s detention – Xinhua | And here’s Emmanuel Macron getting hit by a raw egg to his head. So in retaliation he’s … Continue reading Cluster Bombing

Feast of the Immaculate Conception Today

“The pins” is code for child slaves.  Think about how politicians use code names for themselves.  Be very careful about thinking that any of them are not part of the criminal organization, no matter how well they lie to you and act innocent. Call this my artwork.  You’ll see on the following handwritten note, that we have a mailing list for “Charlie”, who was tasked … Continue reading Feast of the Immaculate Conception Today

Immigrants as Invaders

  Immigrants invaded Hawaii, arriving in a luxury British Ocean Liner in 1898. Military Occupation “does not transfer the sovereignty to the occupant.”   United States Army and Navy Manual of Civil Affairs Military Government Field Manual 27-5 And Field Manual 27-10 The Law of Land Warfare Dept. of the Army,  July  1966 The most important thing to know is that “America” isn’t the “occupier” … Continue reading Immigrants as Invaders

Hoax du jour: JFK, Jr.

. Twitter @debeausoleil2012 Scarsdale High School is for British/Saudi Spies, specifically bastard members of the already bastardized “Royal Family”.   The name Flynn is   They have occupied every spy agency in any country in the world that has one. Who even needs this? Spying is not what they do. They harass, torment, slander and drive good people to homelessness and suicide.  They steal identities, … Continue reading Hoax du jour: JFK, Jr.

A Prayer for the Targeted: Jeremiah 18

When Jeremiah was thrown in the muddy well, he changed his prayers. Instead of prayers and warnings for people to survive, he realizes how corrupt they are and so he called on God with these words: ”Shall evil be repaid for good?  For they have dug a pit for my life. Remember that I stood before you, to speak good for them, To turn away … Continue reading A Prayer for the Targeted: Jeremiah 18

Edwards, St. Landry Parish Louisiana And Worldwide Dominion

If you’re interested, please go to the Louisiana Public Broadcasting Archives.  Beginning with John Mckeithen, you can see that he was a good governor and a Freemason.  After his administration, you’ll see the beginnings of corruption that relate to the present dangers facing the world, and dots that lead to the Clintons and Netanyahu.  The keyword is Brilab. I especially call your attention to Sonny … Continue reading Edwards, St. Landry Parish Louisiana And Worldwide Dominion