When the Middle East Was Well Managed   The region called Berat included the region South of the Caucasus Mountains extending to Northern Africa, Spain, Yemen and beyond in terms of trading posts.  This is the Roman Empire during the time of Julius Caesar and it lasted about 2000 years under Roman rule, until it was finally completely lost to secret Khazrj rule much later … Continue reading Berat

The House of Guise, The House of David, and the Slave Trade

The House of David opposed the Aksumite Dynasty circa 1150 AD, says the entry on page 111 of the Cambridge Encyclopedia of Africa, a reference book that I found in a university library.  We already know that the House of David was the Arabic Kazaraj tribe, also called Khazarians, the Jewish Arabs.  The encyclopedia entry states that the Tribe of David “had usurped the throne … Continue reading The House of Guise, The House of David, and the Slave Trade

White Genocide: The Catholic Dimension

Two very important events were meant to be unknown to the public.  The organized attack on women in front of the Cathedral of Cologne on New Year’s Eve 2016, which happened along with hundreds of other attacks on women by Muslims coordinated via IPhone at the same time all over Europe.  Then we’ll compare notes of that event with the other one, Benghazi, Libya on … Continue reading White Genocide: The Catholic Dimension

What Happens When Muslims Arrive (update)

This update contains information about Obama’s actual religion, now that he openly supports “Gay Rights” over Christian Rights, which in the case of homosexuality just happens to agree somewhat with Muslim teaching.  Unlike the Muslims, no Christian legally advocates punishment or death for gays.  What Christians do is, in a loving way, invite them to voluntarily join their church.  That’s a big difference, and homosexuals may one day rue the day they persecuted Christians, if the Muslims gain power.  Obama’s alliance with bankrupt Saudi Arabia, the very sponsor of radical Islam and it’s Anti-American propaganda, may represent an end of funding for Farrakhan. What will happen to the Muslim training camps all over the United Sates is an open question.  Eyes wide open on this subject, and on incoming Jihadis camouflaged as “victims, and refugees”, a ruse which would only fool the hopelessly blind.  America has absolutely no obligation to accept enemies of Christianity, and if it does, their plans are to kill us.

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