Aksum and Aksumites: White Ark-Semites in Africa

“The slave trade from Sudan was ancient”, says the entry under the word “Haussa”.  This is in the Encyclopedia of Islam, volume 3, which contains snippets from many Christian sources.  It goes on to say that by the 15th century Hausaland had become involved in the Northern Slave trade which included Eukraine, so one can safely assume that the slaves were all white, and so … Continue reading Aksum and Aksumites: White Ark-Semites in Africa

Cancer Industry of Death

We all know about the millions of deaths each year by cancer.  It’s up to 12,000,000 people in America alone. Let’s talk instead about Phyto-plankton and the man who invented a method for farming it and turning it into a packaged powder that is edible and completely non-toxic.  Since Phyto-plankton is a proven cure for cancer, one of many, you can imagine to what extent … Continue reading Cancer Industry of Death

Hawaii and the Future of White People

    For every one illegal immigrant that I see, being surrounded by them wherever I go to live, there are 10 or more illegal minors.  Each of those illegal minors will have ten more by each of several wives, so that in about 10-20 years  it will be clear to everyone in America, exactly how much they despise us.  They are here to mess … Continue reading Hawaii and the Future of White People

The Newly Appointed Queen of France

    This video shows one of the best things that Trump has ever done… What inspired him to give the longest handshake in the world:   Poor France.   Pay attention to the face of Brigitte Macron, the new French “First Lady”.  Watch Melania’s face also.  You’re watching a war being declared.   Mrs. Macron realizes that Trump is aggressively holding her husband’s hand, … Continue reading The Newly Appointed Queen of France