Secret Agents of Queen Elizabeth I

Walsingham, if you remember, was Queen Elizabeth I’s main secret agent, and then he hired others. England, and the world, has been under the dominion of these secret agents for a long time. Here’s a paragraph from a previously cited book about Queen Elizabeth I: the Pirate Queen. I also previously  laid down some evidence that she was literally a Drag Queen, the same person … Continue reading Secret Agents of Queen Elizabeth I

James Beard’s Farm

  A friend of mine has confirmed the location of this photograph as “Jimmy Beard’s place”, on the highway between Loreauville and St. Martinville. Beard is actually Billard, pronounced the same. This is the same family as the second husband of Trudy on the family tree of Trudy Broussard/Ghislaine Maxwell, whose family also lives nearby, in St. Martinville. Trudy’s father is actually named Antoine Preval, … Continue reading James Beard’s Farm

Sugartown Continued

The only company that commercially offers kenaf paper in America is Vision Paper Company of New Mexico, same place where Epstein has all that land. Their website says Vision Paper is owned by KP Products. KP generally stands for Kaiser Permanente, and I haven’t determined if it’s the same, but I’ve been curious about Kaiser Permanente for awhile.  Is Epstein one of, or associated with, … Continue reading Sugartown Continued

Where’s All the Money, and Why Spy?

Everyone wants to know who has all the money and why is there so little of it circulating among the vast majority of people. Where’s all the money?  Who’s paying all the spies and why? Government policy has enabled and encouraged the aggregation of small investment money into mutual funds which have been again aggregated into mutual funds of mutual funds to create enormous pools … Continue reading Where’s All the Money, and Why Spy?


The verses in Nehemiah pictured above tell us that the children of Amon were Solomon’s servants and were judged to be not a tribe of Israel because they could not identify their father’s house, which is to say, they didn’t know who their fathers were. For this reason, the children of Amon were not eligible for the Priesthood and were cast out during Nehemiah’s purge. … Continue reading Hezekiah