Miami Surfside Building Collapse

The building collapse in Miami at an upscale condominium building on the beach is suspicious. This condo building collapse is immediately being used as a reason to demand Federal Emergency Funding, in a familiar pattern of stealing our money. We are also warned by politicians that, because of this suspicious collapse, the government will take more control over this type of building. Judging by the … Continue reading Miami Surfside Building Collapse

Censored But True: Melinda Gates is Actually My Sister And She’s Dating Jerry

I believe that since everyone on earth is being affected by the same people who have tried to destroy my life, then everyone should know who is who in the drama. Since I’m blocked from editing, I can’t correct the spelling below: it should read “spoon fed”. I’m blocked from editing my articles now. It’s because Melinda Gates, the recent one, is my sister Bridget. … Continue reading Censored But True: Melinda Gates is Actually My Sister And She’s Dating Jerry


What I remember most about the house where these JFK events took place, where afterwards the family of Ovey and Rita LeBlanc lived, corner of Bonin and Main in Loreauville, is the very, very strong smell. It might even be called a Garlic House. It’s the language of mockery. The smell is long gone now. If a paint layer analysis were done on the interior … Continue reading Arsine

Where Are The Courageous?

In Brazil, sanity tries to return to government, thanks to one man who refuses to be a coward. News> Brazil Bolsonaro: Army to Go After Covid-19 “Cowards” Published 24 April 2021 Boletines Bolsonaro has the courage to use the military to prohibit quarantines, curfews, and movement restrictions, rightly calling these “signs of cowardice”. Meanwhile, the rest of the world has no protection from dictatorial governors, mayors … Continue reading Where Are The Courageous?


Most leaders in the world today have their wealth and therefore their power based on the stolen property, genocide, identity theft, enslavement and on-going slander of the people from whom they’ve stolen. From the dispossession and destruction of the Catholic Nobility to TSA and mandated mask wearing/Covid testing, the Pirates have had reason to celebrate. People cry over the so-called “native Americans”, not realizing that … Continue reading Economics

Eisenhower, Patton, Von Braun, Duke of Brunswick

When in doubt or fear, I do a home improvement project to ground myself. That’s where I’ve been. It’s also a delaying tactic because I didn’t know how to present this next “psycho-graphic”. I found a bunch of photos online of my grandmother and grandfather. Now I understand why the photos were all stolen. If what I’ve exposed so far is crazy, unbelievable, yet true, … Continue reading Eisenhower, Patton, Von Braun, Duke of Brunswick

King Robert the Bruce Descendant was King Rupert of Bavaria, True King of England, 1919

Everything makes sense when considering Prince Rupert of Bavaria. I recognize his face. I understand why he’s been left out of the textbooks. I understand why his surviving family is targeted. You’ve seen him here already several times, and he’s my favorite person in history, and I actually think he’s my spirit guide on another dimensional channel. Now I’ve stumbled upon his face again under … Continue reading King Robert the Bruce Descendant was King Rupert of Bavaria, True King of England, 1919