Balenciaga and Gucci

Many people have never heard of Balenciaga fashion brand, but everyone knows Gucci. These old brands, established in our great grandfathers’ days, and other old businesses like them have been purchased by pirates with truckloads of cash that they always manage to get their hands on. So you know there’s something very wrong with our financial system altogether. How is it that we allegedly owe … Continue reading Balenciaga and Gucci

Jack Dorsey and Rishi Sunak

Which do you prefer? Rishi Sunak was appointed Prime Minister of England after Liz Truss’ short reign. His wife is famous for not paying taxes in England, because she doesn’t “live” there. Can you imagine the nerve of living totally free at tax payer expense and considering yourself too privileged to pay a penny of it yourself because you aren’t “domiciled” there? This is a … Continue reading Jack Dorsey and Rishi Sunak

USS Liberty and An Ally Who Is A (not) Secret Enemy

The idea of an enemy who is disguised as a friend is as old as the story of Little Red Riding Hood. It’s a very simple and basic ploy, why can’t people see it? Big ears, big eyes, big nose…it’s obviously not grandma. Quote from the description of the linked video below: 53 views in 9 days. Deception By OmissionPublished 9 days ago  “This version of … Continue reading USS Liberty and An Ally Who Is A (not) Secret Enemy

Enablement of the Stupid

Enabling stupid people is stupid. Here’s is one example: “CRISPR gene editing is a genetic engineering technique in molecular biology by which the genomes of living organisms may be modified. It is based on a simplified version of the bacterial CRISPR-Cas9 antiviral defense system.” One of the safety risks with CRISPR is that the Cas9 enzyme, which is supposed to slice a specific DNA sequence, … Continue reading Enablement of the Stupid

The Burial Place of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II

What’s interesting about the details exposed in the video below, is that the burial place of King George VI was opened in order to bury Queen Elizabeth II in the same vault. Also, make note of the very crazy pattern painted onto the ceiling of the chapel wing built especially for King George VI. It has six very large X shapes worked into the ridiculous … Continue reading The Burial Place of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II

When Catholics Are Prohibited From Government

With the burgeoning population of highly rewarded professional “victims of discrimination”, there hasn’t been any time or energy to focus on the blatant, hateful and unjust prohibition against traditional Catholics in British government and in actual fact, all governments, especially here in America. Rather than belly ache about that, let’s just look at the consequences of bypassing the most eligible and competent people for a … Continue reading When Catholics Are Prohibited From Government

Report of Another Gas Pipeline Sabotage Attempt in Ukraine

Some determined group of people is dead set on making European people freeze this winter. The “migrants” are safe and warm in hotels. Who hates Europeans this much? It’s not the Russians for sure. Here are Russian security experts removing explosives and detonators.,, ======================= TRANSLATED FROM RUSSIAN TO ENGLISH The Russian security service FSB is shown preventing an act of sabotage allegedly prepared by Ukraine … Continue reading Report of Another Gas Pipeline Sabotage Attempt in Ukraine

Basing a Vaccine on the Live Cells of a Human Fetus

If human fetal cultured cells are injected into the veins, which is what happens when injected with a Covid 19 vaccine, then the human fetal cells will obviously continue to grow inside the veins. I would guess that these “clots” are that aborted baby, growing in veins, as I predicted would happen in previous articles on the meaning of mRNA. All vaccines are made with … Continue reading Basing a Vaccine on the Live Cells of a Human Fetus