Robert Maxwell is Not Dead Yet

If winning an election requires scorched earth policy, well so it does. Who’s in charge of the destruction? King Charles III is revealed to be the central globalist figure, so let’s see what other identities he has. All globalists have a legitimate seeming public identity befitting their high globalist status. I’m told that the word globalist is anti semitic so in order to avoid repercussions … Continue reading Robert Maxwell is Not Dead Yet

Poisonous Rhetoric

Even with the expense of multi billion dollar elections, the return on investment for the winners is limitless. I’m seeing in US politics suspiciously familiar faces from Russian oligarch mega yacht asset seizure videos. Maybe you’ll find your city mayor amongst them. Fact is, there is nothing to stop foreigners, foreign heads of state, Drug Cartel Overlords, Russian oligarchs and enemy agents of all sorts … Continue reading Poisonous Rhetoric


I would have voted today but there’s no checkbox for a return to legitimate Catholic monarchy in union with the Holy Catholic Church worldwide in it’s traditional aspect. Someone in England was given the opportunity to speak his mind briefly on microphone and he was recorded calling for the abolition of Parliament and a return to the legitimate version of monarchy. People applauded. The solution … Continue reading Voting

The Sham Shem

I decided to become a member of the ADL. This is why: I am often subjected to incidents of antisemitism, bigotry, violence and hate, many of us are. There are hundreds of videos of violence based upon racial and religious hatred. This includes several world wars instigated by a particular group but never fought by them. These things are ingrained into our infiltrated and corrupt … Continue reading The Sham Shem

Sam the Sham

The woman identified as Vanessa in the video below reports that international poll watchers, after attending the Donbas referendum on union with Russia, have been placed on an international hit list by Zelensky’s government. This spokeswoman for the Donbas region of Ukraine, and fellow analysts describe the incredible situation whereby globalist conspirators in governments worldwide have been on a genocidal crime spree of war, poisonings, … Continue reading Sam the Sham

Myths and Narratives

According to Dr. Karl Jung, our myths and narratives must be life affirming for mental health to be the norm. Why The Lack of Religion Breeds Mental Illness. The conclusion that Jung came to was that death affirming narratives can create mental illness, the cure for which is a healthy dose of what was religion at his time. He was referring to that combination of … Continue reading Myths and Narratives

Empowerment Organizations

Organizations that are all about the “empowerment” of their “clients” abound worldwide. These empowerment groups all have one thing in common, but I can’t say what it is because it’s hate speech to mention certain obvious facts. To ramp up the hate speech police network, we have this upcoming: “FEATURED SESSIONS” “Join us for crucial discussions on topics including: As far as imaginary problems go, this … Continue reading Empowerment Organizations