When the Middle East Was Well Managed   The region called Berat included the region South of the Caucasus Mountains extending to Northern Africa, Spain, Yemen and beyond in terms of trading posts.  This is the Roman Empire during the time of Julius Caesar and it lasted about 2000 years under Roman rule, until it was finally completely lost to secret Khazrj rule much later … Continue reading Berat

Origin of the Saudi and Rothschild Tribes

This is a brief overview of the Khazarian infiltration of Alamut, [Kabul Pass], along with their assassination of the “Old Man in the Mountain”, at the same time as the usurpation of the Aksomite Kingdom of the Southern Nile was occurring.  These events, briefly described in this post, are the key to understanding the present situation in the Middle East. The main culprit is Rashid al Din … Continue reading Origin of the Saudi and Rothschild Tribes