White People, Ancient Africa and King Saul

Were there ever white people in Africa?  The answer is yes.  So why did they leave? They left because of the slavers who captured white people there.

The reason for propaganda that pits blacks against whites in the United States is to create a civil war here.  It’s the dream of the military Industrial complex to have another civil war in America so that the Tribe of David can further enslave all of us.

The first civil war was a great success for them, what with so many Christian warriors killing each other off so that the Khazarians can control the government.  What the tribe of David fears most is that American blacks will discover that it was the Jews who ran the slave trade and had been for literally thousands of years, and worse, still are.

By throwing the blame on white Christians, they cover up the fact that slavery was virtually eliminated by the first Roman Pontiffs who had converted to Christianity.  It was the Christians who freed the Roman slaves that had built all the Roman buildings. This is the origin of the word ‘Freemason’ before it was infiltrated and usurped by Jewish interests.

The newly Christianized Roman Pontiffs in each province and in the capitol accomplished this by accepting the freeing of a slave as a worthy sacrifice in place of the ancient practice of sacrificing a bull or calf. This can be found in any Encyclopedia of Roman Antiquity.

The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Africa has an entry explaining the presence of a white tribe in North Africa/Ethiopia called the Beja Tribes, and also known today as the Pulani/Fulani/Fulasha that has existed since long before Christ.  I’ve traced their movement through Spain and into the Beaujolais region of France.  The word ‘pale’ derives from this word.

The missing story of the white people in Ethiopia, and why the Queen of Sheba was not black, is that of King Saul in the Bible.  His story can be found continuing as that of the New Kingdom Egyptian dynasty, of Aksum, and of the Greeks and later European Christians, whereas the Bible tells only the story of the  “Jewish” tribe of Judah, and that very much glossed over.
Page 111 of the Encyclopedia of Africa says of the “myth of ‘Jewish’ Ethiopia'”, that it is based on a translation through Arabic from a Coptic original that was circulated in the 13th century as part of propaganda against  the true royal family whose origins were from Lasta.  A Jewish Arab tribe, Banu Hilal had usurped the throne from them and enslaved the population c.1150.

The Banu Hilal created a story which is a composite legend of the origins of the Christian monarchy which served as propaganda for the House of David in order to justify their usurpation. These later princes of Aksum established themselves in what had been Aksum’s southern borderlands and there controlled the slave trade and the gold trade which Cosmos described. Thus they became the most important of the inland partners of the traders in the Gulf of Aden and on the Dahlak Islands.  The African coast remained nominally under Aksumite rule although actually in the hands of these pirates and slave merchants.  White people were the most valuable slaves, and so the slave trade appears to have been the engine which moved the white tribes out of Africa long ago.

So you can see that the goal is to cover up the facts of who actually controlled and profited from the slave trade. By the time these poor captives arrived in America, anyone purchasing them would generally be saving them from a certain miserable existence. Many people purchased the child slaves and raised them out of pity.  This is attested by several eye witness journal accounts of the Acadian families of Louisiana, whose own children had been taken as slaves during their dispersion from Nova Scotia circa 1755, by the same Tribe of David which had usurped power in England.

To blame white Christians for the slave trade is to distract from the real culprits, and it is to foment war between the enemies of the real culprits, so that the real culprits end up enslaving everyone.

The Benjamite Tribes of Aksum:

Connecting to Ancient History through our Names

King Robert the Bruce is associated with the River Ard, and the Declaration of Ard.   The Old Testament informs us that Ard is “like the rose”, that Ard is the youngest member of the family of Benjamin. The first Israelite King Saul was a Benjamite and the Acadians are one of the Sallic (from Saul) tribes, the Benjamites.

King Robert the Bruce, from whom the name Broussard derives, had land grants in Normandy, France in addition to his Scottish and English domains.  He carried the Azure Flemish Lion of Louvain (Lorraine, Lotharingia), and the well known Sallic arms in the red and gold colors of Boulogne.

  1. What does Sallic mean? The Sallic tribes would be the Benjamites and all others who followed King Saul rather than King David at the time of the split of the Israelite tribes in the Old Testament.  The Davidic Jews introduced a corrupted scripture based on Khazarian doctrine, which Jesus spoke against. Jesus himself said that it was not possible that he could be descended from David, therefore he was not a Jew.  Mary is identified as a Levite of Zadok, the family of the legitimate high priesthood in Jerusalem, to which Jesus was next in line  In the Quran.  In the Hebrew Mishna Jesus appears to be Joshua bin Levi.
  1. The 11 non-Judaic tribes of the Israelites are called Sallic tribes, not Jewish tribes. Only the tribe of Judah should be called ‘Jews’. The Sallic tribes are generally considered to include all the tribes of Gaul, which are the Celts.  The word Jerusalem (Hierosolimna)  in Latin actually means ‘Refuge of the tribe of Saul’.  The Acadians represent the Sallic tribes and particularly the tribe of Benjamin.  Benjamin is the root of the names Boudreaux, Pergamum, Beja and Byzantium/Abyssinia.
  1. To Certain political factions these historical and biblical issues are still cause for continual warfare against us, even though we have forgotten such things as tribal identity, legitimacy of birth and legitimacy of rule. Therefore we are completely unaware of this war and have lost all concept of righteousness in our rulers; we don’t even expect it anymore.
  1. Kush was a Benjamite of Aksum which is Ethiopia and Yemen when white tribes inhabited that area, which is also where Muhammad was born. It is the Benjamites, not the Judaites who are called ‘the Lion’ in the original Hebrew, Latin and Greek scripture.  Only in the description of Benjamin is the Greek word for Lion mistranslated into modern English as ‘ravening wolf’.  The Lion symbol for Benjamin is important as an architectural and heraldic clue in tracing our ancestry. The true Heralds of the Catholic nobility who invented the idea were censored and outlawed early in the 1600’s, but the information is still stored in the Vatican library.
  2. There is no true nobility in Burkes’ Peerage and all later coats of arms are simply bogus.  Burkes’ Peerage is limited to Protestants who confiscated the lands of the Catholics, but you can read about who they confiscated the land from, to learn about our own ancestors.

Of all the twelve sons of Jacob, Benjamin and Joseph were the only fully legitimate sons both of Rachel, and Jacob. This is the reason for the jealousy of the other brothers. Jacob attempts to keep Benjamin safe from his illegitimate brothers after Joseph was already sold into slavery by them. In the end Judah warned his children not to repeat his own errors which were based on jealousy. However, the present day Jewish people are not descended from Judah, they are a group who converted to Judaism, Islam and Christianity c. 900-1000 AD.

The Khazarians are found in every religion, yet maintain their own cohesion as Khazarians and have virtually no Semitic DNA, though they claim to be ‘Jews’.  For this reason they call themselves the thirteenth tribe.  They comprise about 2% of the population, yet they hold about 100% of the key positions of power in America and Europe especially.  They emphasize their own need to remain unperceived, otherwise no one would accept the situation, since their own secret religion unfortunately instructs them to enslave and exterminate non-Jews.

Imagine hundreds of years of history having to be written under this tyranny of censorship, and you understand why our own history is such a puzzle.

27 thoughts on “White People, Ancient Africa and King Saul

  1. This is a first to me, about lost white tribes in Africa. It’s ironic actually, cause I have food allergies, that many Africans have, right now. I wish you well Suzanne and I am very interested in learning more. I hope that life gets more peaceful. From what is already viewed here, you could use some quiet time. I woud like to know more about what the white tribe’s belief system was and possibley what their culture was all about too. Good luck Suzanne, many blessings to you and yours.


    1. The white tribe is still the white tribe, myself, perhaps yourself too. They developed textiles, boats and were cattlemen. They moved across the Mediterranean and inhabited coastlines all over the world. However, there are mixed races throughout history who generally oppose the non-mixed races.


  2. I think you unfairly blame Jews for all of this confusion and slavery. Of the Jews who participate in this crap, they have plenty of enablers in the various christian Zionist communities too. Dick Cheney an Opus Dei Catholic/Mike Pompeo/James Comey/ Bill Barr, etc, are all die hard Zionist capitalists, and work at the top levels of the international cabal.

    Positing that its “the Jews” always overlooks how many other individuals and groups interact with them, and the extremely racist beliefs at the core of their religious teachings, to exploit the ignorance of target populations. It is that which is more nefarious and harder to wrap your head around, but we see it all the time with the various modern crusades and moral campaigns (like the co-option of the black civil rights movement as a “gay” black movement, for example.)

    The real solution seems to be a total rejection of these questionably sourced myths and pseudo-historical narratives, and to reach back into the ages to study the ancient pre Jewish-christian myths and pagan practices, but also to acknowledge the need for anti-theism, atheism, and non-theism.


    1. The fact is that the country called Israel is a haven for criminals and I personally am a victim of Mossad operations. So why not point out “The Jews” as being responsible? I think about what happens to victims of the criminals who take refuge inside their country. My country, my life, my children’s lives have been destroyed by this situation, so I’m not mincing words. This situation is totally unfair and I’ve studied them enough to know that the original Protestants are Jewish, privately and buried in Jewish cemeteries. So it’s a group thing to decieve the rest if us. I cannot condone this or make excuses and yes, certainly many others participate.


      1. Interesting. Do you have evidence that the Mossad has actually affected/stalked/harassed you? I would be interested in it if it is solid evidence.

        It is quite well known that they have ongoing operations in the US, targeting those of us who are critics of Israeli apartheid, Jewish racism, or friendly to Palestine; or who disagree with the AIPAC mafia. Civil rights lawyer Stanley Cohen, also a Jew, is himself a target of both FBI and Mossadi jihadists.

        In my case, I was harassed by a former USAF liaison to the Mossad, and I documented it with screen captures, and other methods like SOCMINT and OSINT. That revealed that her work in the USAF in the 1960’s was MKULTRA era stuff, and even her Twitter bio brags that she belongs to a gang of “13 members.”

        In one communique, she tried to tell me that I am a mass murderer (classic PSYOP b.s.) and in another, she was rambling on about how she “isn’t afraid to engage” with a man in combat. She reminds me of the rabid Rita Katz, who pops up after almost all of the mass shootings, and who herself is a well known cyber stalker disguised as a “counter-intelligence” firm.

        So I am empathetic to the idea, but I would like to see proof if you have it. Is there a link here at your blog?

        And. I agree that Mossadi jihadi’s are every bit as toxic as any other terrorists. I have frequently been attacked by the hasbara and Negev-billy Squad 8200 online, so its definitely a worthy topic.

        AS for Protestants, etc., yeah, watching organized religions battle each other through the centuries is hilarious, like watching Tom and Jerry. It seems the cat changes into a mouse every few centuries, and vice versa.

        But there are plenty of secular Jews out there who aren’t clinical sociopaths or genetic psychopaths (it seems inbreeding, which is common in the orthodox tribes can lead to such conditions). Maybe find them and make a few friends or something.


      2. The only reason I call out the Jews as a group is because they can self police from within when their leaders are going off on dangerous tangents. Of course I was friends with many Jewish people but it’s like calling all of us “Americans”. Bottomline is they are harboring criminals in Israel and need all government funded spy agencies need to be done away with and outlawed except for the military. Thanks for commenting.


      3. Hi, and thanks for the reply, re:”The only reason I call out the Jews as a group”

        Yeah that is a historical conundrum isn’t it? They do tend to stick together, while dividing others, according to their text and belief.

        The problem is though, that Jews are not all empowered to “self-police” the top level of the Jewish mafia, aka kosher nostra which runs the country of Israel, and much of the world. Typical Jews are under threat from these mafias as much as others are under threat from other mafias.

        And at the highest levels, these mafias work together, so its not just Jews–look at the case of Mossad selling arms to the right wing governments of Honduras and Guatemala. That situation is why we have “Joe Biden Kids in Cages” at the border right now.

        Those arms deals, mass homicides, and all the other surveillance insanity in that region were done by the USA deputizing Israel as a proxy, and it continues today.

        An unrelated topic: have you ever studied the link between the Celtic Irish and Egypt? Celts were documented mercenaries in that region, and some say that parts of their origin legends stem from Egyptian myths like the Tuatha da Danaan.


        No one is of a “pure” race.


      4. There are still some who are purely one particular race, I’m one, and many others. What matters is the influence of one particular group that receives tons of money and resources while promoting anti-Christian laws, regulations and mandates. They force their criminal mentality on the world and they take pride in it. I could swear they study the bible to find God’s laws that they then force us to break through man’s laws. God’s laws are rules for survival, nothing more. Jews can choose to join another “religion”, but the benefits of being a privileged Jew are too high for that to happen, thanks to Christian misplaced generosity toward them.


      5. And yes, definitely Egypt and Ireland sre connected. They say that Somerset is Samoset, an Egyptian, though Hapiru is probably what they called themselves. Very interesting to study Irish king records and compare the names to other kings worldwide.


      6. It was through my many Jewish “friends” that I learned about them. How could anyone be anti-“semitic” in this propagandized matrix that we live in, unless we have been persecuted by them for so long that it’s become impossible to ignore it.


      7. That would be funny if it didn’t sound so crazy. Is that you there, Miriam Weizmann? Or are you Sara?

        If anything you are saying is remotely true, please point me to the links–

        otherwise…OK…backing away slowly now. Good luck out there


      8. Fair enough–all research is complicated.

        But to make a claim like “I was married to Binny Yahoo” is extraordinary, and not obvious humor to the reader at all.

        On that note–very little is funny about the lives of targets of gang stalking, especially when it involves crazed Zionists or any of their other mind-controlled zombies.

        But as we see with cases like the eBay gang of stalkers being charged and convicted; or the many cases of back men like Gavin Long, Aaron Alexis, and so many other men who were stalked by white racist cops and their flying monkey’s long before they went ballistic–its not a funny subject.

        And again–if you have some evidence of your claim–or can point me to posts where you make light of such, please do.

        The good news though, is that George Floyd’s murderer will soon be an ass socket in prison, and that the murderers of Ahmaud Arbery are going to trial too.

        Wouldn’t you agree that is good news–bringing gang stalking cockroaches into the light?


      9. As for George Floyd, I don’t buy any of it and wouldn’t waste my time on it except to identify the actors. I have already presented evidence on “Bibi” and it’s your job to read it and find it again. I’m not here to convince the general public. I’m here to provide information to investigators already knowledgeable on the subject. This research is not for beginners. But welcome aboard, start from the beginning like we did.


      10. Also, BTW–are you that woman on Alohanet, who has the article about being gang stalked in Hawaii?

        I seem to recall such a person fled from Louisiana and moved to Hawaii because of gang stalking.


    1. Using Strong’s Bible Concordance, look up all references to lion, and you’ll notice that it is mistranslated as ‘wolf’ in some places, particularly where it refers to Benjamin. It should also be remembered that Benjamin is the same word as Pergamon and it refers to a place, that place being the Middle East. So the mistranslations from Latin, as I see it, is that the tribe of Judah is in a place called Benjamin, which is the land called Israel, but Judah is not necessarily united with the Tribe of Benjamin. The Tribe of Judah is in fact the mortal enemy of the tribe of Benjamin. DNA studies are said to prove that the Palestinians are the descendants of the Tribe of Judah, living in the land that is the inheritance of Benjamin. When the Benjamites occupied the Middle East, it was a very different place. The remains can be seen at Palmyra. The Benjamites left as the Judaites took over. The destruction of Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Libya therefore is prophesied in the Bible as the righteous destruction of the Jews who have illegally usurped the inheritance of Benjamin, by taking land from widows and orphans. These Jews are the descendants of Judah, the Israelite who sold his brother into slavery. Their mother is Tamar the Pagan Princess of Moloch. Judah gave her his staff and signet ring, and he never redeemed them, so the Jews have a history of women priestesses as leaders. Those who “inhabit Israel” are what the Prophets call them, but the Prophets don’t call them Israelites. This is found throughout the Bible and also in history. The Benjamites are not always identified as such. By learning the names of the earliest Benjamites and following the names of their descendants as they are repeated in other stories, you can find them. Sargon of Akkad, for example, has all the qualities of a Benjamite as do all of the tribes that have used the name Akkad, Acadian, Arcadian, etc. Every name that contains the word Saul, Sallic, Solomon, etc would refer to a Benjamite. So Strong’s Concordance is necessary, but even there you will find some discrepancy in the translation of the word Lion as it refers to the Benjamites, and “whelp” as it refers to the Jews.

      When Jesus told the Canaanite woman that he could not help her because he was here only for the lost children of Israel, she understood what he was telling her. That’s why her answer was, “But even the whelps eat the crumbs dropped by the children”, and this pleased Jesus because the proper translation for the description of the Tribe of Judah is ‘Dog’s Whelp”, not “Lion”. A whelp is a puppy still sucking at the mother’s tit. So you can see why the Jews don’t like proper translations into English.

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    1. It’s a pertinent subject because Louis Farrakhan is spreading malicious historical lies to black people in order to incite them to violent race hatred. Unfortunately, his followers know that anyone who attempts to verify his historical B.S. will get what Malcolm X got for doing the same thing. It’s amazing how few people are even aware that Morroco has historically been the center of the slave trade and that it was run by Arabian Jewish tribes and black African slavers. But the real secret is how the first Christians, and later the Roman Catholic Church worked very hard to eliminate slavery because it was white Christians who were the most likely to be captured.

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