Trump and Putin

They held a press conference in Helsinki in July of 2018. I just realized the extent to which this event is censored. The BBC actually cut off the interpreter several times. YouTube comments beneath censored videos of the event often contain the term Bastards! because the people are charged money for this BBC campaign against knowledge.  The Brits resent this censorship very much.  Who wouldn’t? … Continue reading Trump and Putin

Making a Living in a Godless World

World Leaders seldom question the supremacy of GDP. That’s because GDP, gross domestic production, is a state sponsored religion.  All efforts are focused on increasing the GDP because the government gets their cut before everyone else.  A high GDP can occur even when the income of workers is at zero, which happened in Russia in 1990.  If you worked in a sausage factory, you were … Continue reading Making a Living in a Godless World

Tulsi Gabbard and The Windsors Occupy Hawaii

Tulsi has a Podesta Troll Army making false claims about so-called Indigenous Hawaiians and their alleged hand symbols. The triangle is not a Hawaiian hand symbol, as claimed.  I think she’s doing the upside down pudenda to indicate that he’s a man. Pudenda is the female triangle shaped private area. The actual hand symbol that people in Hawaii use is the Shaka shown below. This … Continue reading Tulsi Gabbard and The Windsors Occupy Hawaii

Tulsi Gabbard Frontman For an International Crime Ring

Generally speaking, most candidates for public office are fronts for criminal organizations, but let’s focus on this most recent media darling. My first observation was that she’s not a she.  Photos and discussion of that are at the end of the article.  The deceit involved in transvestism pales in comparison to the organized crime and cult aspect which includes recruitment of rural children in India. … Continue reading Tulsi Gabbard Frontman For an International Crime Ring


The Russian Collision Continues With Len Blavatnik. Since the Warner Brothers films are at the heart of American culture, it’s important to follow who owns it now, who sold it, for how much and when.  Tied into the control of our cultural content is also control of our historical narrative. An Oligarch with billions from Russian mineral resources, born in Eukraine, Leonard Blavatnik, purchased Warner … Continue reading Blavatnik