Stratfor Global Intelligence Is Ladjevardi

I searched Wikileaks for Ladjevardi and found Khalil, which might be my old friend Khalil Ackal.  I heard he’s been working in Texas.  I copied and pasted from Wikileaks.  It’s a request for change of email but oh my, what a disaster to have dishonest people like the Ackal family with spying contracts in our government and defense industries.   Stratfor is the very company … Continue reading Stratfor Global Intelligence Is Ladjevardi


Habib appears to be Bo Ackal/King Salman. In the group photo above, a Scarsdale High photo of the class officers, notice that everyone is facing Habib.  These others look familiar, one might be Tolson/Tilden, but I don’t want to digress.  The crown was handed to Habib by King Abdullah, another New Iberia and Lafayette name. Do a search for this surname Ladjevardi, and you’ll find … Continue reading Habib

Kashoggi Sure Looks Like Wayne Madsen and Dr. Stranges

Wayne Madsen, when I first came across him, was talking about how the House of Saud had changed the old genealogies to make a fraudulent claim of descent from the fictitious Muhammad.  I suspect that our troops were used to search houses and steal these documents. Of course the troops would have been told that these papers and books were “terror threats”. Now Madsen’s website … Continue reading Kashoggi Sure Looks Like Wayne Madsen and Dr. Stranges

Dual Citizen Treason

My conclusion is that Prince Muhammad Bin Salman is the Saudi Arabian Trump.  The Traitorous Media hates him profoundly, and assumes his guilt, but there’s no clear hard evidence that the 33 year old Saudi Crown Prince knew of the murder at the Saudi Embassy.  Any rogue element could have entered in, since so many competing factions exist. The crime families have gotten away with … Continue reading Dual Citizen Treason

Guessing Who is Saudi King Salman

So the next question has to be, “Who is this King Salman bin Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, in his other identities?” Just looking at his face, I am guessing that he’s the father of my high school “friend” Kalil Ackal, that I mentioned in one of my earliest posts. But there are other reasons to suspect him.  He has an obituary also, but I’m wondering … Continue reading Guessing Who is Saudi King Salman

Just Guessing

Also check my instagram page for lots more downloads.  Suzy.Bruce instagram account. Images for tracking trolls and traitors. Theresa May-Saudi King Salman: My choice for most likely father-daughter in real life is shown in the photo below.  If true, and if   “Trish” Erlinger/Theresa May did have a child with Larry Nichols, then the grandfather of French President Macron is King Salman of Saudi Arabia. … Continue reading Just Guessing