Targeted People and Who Gets the Confiscated Property Under RICO?

Ever since the week of the White House visit by the President of France and his wife Caro who calls herself Brigitte Macron, targeted people have been hit by a wave of all kind of bullets.  You-Tuber James Munder reported the worst of this type of hit.  His credit cards cancelled, cops arrest him for a four year old $40 court fine, which leads to … Continue reading Targeted People and Who Gets the Confiscated Property Under RICO?

What to do?

Information is Power…… Preparation overcomes Fear……. Don’t attempt to regulate something that you can simulate……. Make another YouTube……. Make another Google…….. Make another Word Press (one that doesn’t mess up my formatting)……. Let it be sponsored by the present administrator at the white house, Our America Man Trump. Make it Ours…. Net Neutrality? How about government neutrality? To Neutralize is a military term meaning ‘to … Continue reading What to do?

Ralph and Roy Breaux

There’s no doubt that our parents kept us from the film industry because they knew about the pedophilia.  Here’s a song from a movie my grandmother waited for weeks to appear in local theatres. We drove to Lafayette to see it.     Mob Influence and Racketeering Ralph and Roy Breaux are pictured in the article reprinted below.  It’s about Tilden/Tolson, who is reported in … Continue reading Ralph and Roy Breaux