Trump and Bibi

Trump chose to brag about his close relationship to the leader of the smallest, meanest, most paranoid, racist, religiously fanatic and violent nation in the world, and he made it worse by calling this widely despised leader by his affectionate nickname.  Bibi  is a known slaughterer of Christians in Palestine, not so well known but equally slaughterous in America.  Trump is being very clear about his … Continue reading Trump and Bibi

Esther in Ancient Akad

The Hi-Jacking of History: Stealing the Story of Esther. I’m all into Esther right now, reading a Jehovah Witness Bible left behind, which has footnotes about the Hebrew, Greek and Latin on which it is based.  This Bible must have the word ‘Jew’ in it no less than a trillion times.  However, there is one important word for a particular month that places Esther in … Continue reading Esther in Ancient Akad

Sinners Will Be Called Saints

  Is Mother Theresa a Saint? Who is Satwinder Bitti?   The details of Theresa of Calcutta’s participation in world wide crimes are at, where Father Terry provides names and locations of all the higher ups involved.   When I reached the end of Father Terry’s draft article on Mother Theresa’s role in organized crime, I copied and pasted one really good line of what … Continue reading Sinners Will Be Called Saints

Adult Diapers

Hacking someone’s internet search history is always fun, but it’s especially joyous when the victim is Hillary Rodham Clinton.  According to reports, not only has she been searching online for adult diapers, but specifically those that are ‘durable’.  In other words, this woman knows way more about adult diapers than I ever did.   I had not given much thought to adult diapers until I … Continue reading Adult Diapers

Episode 571, 2013, Larry Nichols Interview

A most aggravating interview, for the excessive interruptions, is episode 571 sept. 24, 2013 of the pete santilli talk show.   It contains such interesting nuggets of information, it’s well worth the sifting.  Nichols is finally introduced after about an hour and a half…ugh. Those with immense patience will hear Larry Nichols state clearly that he was there for the murder of the two boys … Continue reading Episode 571, 2013, Larry Nichols Interview

Our Taxes Pay For Our Murderers

Larry Nichols has gained attention increasingly lately, now that Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee for President of the USA. He claims, in a 2012 interview with Pete Santilli, that he was there at the murder of the two boys on the railroad track in Mena, Arkansas, and that he worked for President Clinton as the family hit-man, murdering for money.  Like Nancy Ruth Owens, another Clinton … Continue reading Our Taxes Pay For Our Murderers