Trotsky is Robert Hargraves/Tolson/Tilden

I’m familiar with photos of Trotsky because he spent time in Mexico with Frieda Kahlo and Diego Rivera the artists, back in the 1940’s I think. My University degree is in Fine Arts and I’ve traveled around Mexico. A while back, when I looked up who BiBi was claiming as his father, I was very intrigued to find him using a photo that I already … Continue reading Trotsky is Robert Hargraves/Tolson/Tilden

Dudney Book Scans

Everyone knows about the Waltons and Walmart.  I’ll only mention that  the photograph of the young Steve Jobs looks exactly like the brother (can’t remember his first name) of Billy Walton who went to Catholic High School in New Iberia  who graduated around 1976.  His classmates included several gangster offspring. Let’s look at some other names. The name Raggio is now Reggie, based in Crowley, … Continue reading Dudney Book Scans

Mafia Government

That a giant Mafia Organization like the US government is expected to arrest itself and carry out punishment of itself is asking the impossible. That low level ‘good people’ exist in this organized crime syndicate is more wishful thinking. All government positions, down to the welfare office clerks, are filled with Gangsters, except for the positions that require brain power, and those brains might actually … Continue reading Mafia Government