Inheritance Theft

  The theft of personal and tribal identities is a violent form of subjugation that’s designed to lead to enslavement.  The use of multiple public identities by the Criminal Caste is the fraudulent means  of carrying out this violence, as I’m attempting to demonstrate here.   I’m showing that the Rockefeller family are the main cast of characters and that they are the Israeli European … Continue reading Inheritance Theft


”This guy with glasses is hilarious and genuine Stratfor buffoon !” VTBbank left that comment under a fake news video. Stratfor is what? Stratfor had its beginnings, or I should say a stopover, in Stratford, England with the Protestant Revolution and the resulting theft of Catholic Church tithes.  The thieves were a troop of stage actors and servants pretending to be Royalty, spying, cross dressing … Continue reading Stratfor

Getting Stoned

  If Peter Strzok and Peter Landry obituary – retrieved Mar 7, 2019 at 6:09 AM are the same, then it’s looking more and more like an Auerbach Gang-up, that could end up in a bad hang up.  Here is a montage of Aurbach connections: “History. CEMEX was founded with the opening of Cementos Hidalgo, in 1906. Meanwhile, Cementos Portland Monterrey began operations in … Continue reading Getting Stoned

Extreme Materialism

Worldwide, we get low IQ solutions from low IQ sources, for low IQ problems. Since advertising agencies and Public Relations firms have become our virtual leadership, and since the only people allowed to work in these family owned media businesses are third and fourth generation in-bred criminals, it’s no surprise that the only solutions allowed fo for the problem of rampant stupidity is more stupidity.  Here’s … Continue reading Extreme Materialism

Photos Found: Shirley Temple

        Someone posted these pictures on YouTube, not monetized, with a really beautiful and appropriate song accompaniment. Thanks whoever you are. I’m trying to look at them closely but my eyes won’t stop tearing and the pictures keep moving, but I’ll share the most obvious stuff. The man in the suit standing behind her on the swing looks exactly like my grandfather … Continue reading Photos Found: Shirley Temple