Occupied Thrones

According to this author, Queen Victoria had 10 known children, all of whom were illegitimate.  They are all listed, headed by an unlikely ‘secret king’ which is the subject of his book not worth buying.  This bit of useful information about the children of the usurper Queen Victoria, is an excerpt which I received from the publisher via email:

Excerpt from
Joseph Gregory Hallett: The Hidden King of England Vol. I p. 152

“Children 2–10 were all Royal Bâtards. They were used to render almost
all the Royal Families of Europe and the United Kingdom illegitimate by
the end of the Shin (2012)

and subsequent Revelation, such that they would
move into acts of self-confession.
In 2012 this took the form of a complete change to the Laws of Succession,
which masqueraded as “religious and gender equality”, but was really a
desperate attempt to create an entirely new Royal Family that stemmed
only from the progeny of Prince Charles / Prince of Wales / Charles Wales”

This is the list, headed by the ‘secret king’ which is still not legitimate because Queen Victoria herself is not legitimate in any way.  The last undisputed King of England was Henry II.  Here are the claimants, nevertheless.

1. Prince le Favori Marcos Manoel, Sangrëal Exilarch and Hidden King
(Friday 25 April 1834–Friday 1 April 1910).

2. Princess Victoria ‘Vicky’ Adelaide Mary Louise
(Saturday, 21 November 1840–5 August 1901).

3. Prince Albert ‘Bertie’ Edward/ King Edward VII (Tuesday, 9 November 1841–6 May 1910).
4. Princess ‘Alice’ Maud Mary
(Tuesday, 25 April 1843–14 December 1878).

5. Prince ‘Alfred’ Ernest Albert, the Duke of Edinburgh and Duke of
Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (Tuesday, 6 August 1844–31 July 1900).

6. Princess ‘Helena’ Augusta Victoria (Monday, 25 May 1846–9 June 1923).

7. Princess ‘Louise’ Caroline Alberta (Saturday, 18 March 1848–3 December 1939).

8. Pr. ‘Arthur’ William Patrick Albert, Duke of Connaught and Strathearn (Wednesday, 1 May 1850–16 January 1942).

9. Prince ‘Leopold’ George Duncan Albert, Duke of Albany (Thursday, 7 April 1853–28 March 1884).

10. Princess ‘Beatrice’ Mary Feodore Victoria
(Thursday, 14 April 1857–26 October 1944).

11. Louise Brown….sired by John Brown and funded by Bertie PoW. (b. 1948) – to establish a completely new Monarchy line of usurpers.


Mervyn Fairclough, The Ripper and the Royals, foreword by Joseph Sickert: “Household staff called John Brown, ‘the Queen’s Stallion’. He had a bedroom next to Queen Victoria, who allowed him every conjugal privilege, resulting in a daughter. Coutt’s had been the bankers for the Royal Family for generations. According to former Coutt’s clerk John Stuart (79):
‘Louise Brown in Paris received the £250 every quarter through the Royal Coutt’s account under the name: ‘His Royal Highness Prince Albert Edward Prince of Wales’ – Bertie’.”

p. 152 from


One thought on “Occupied Thrones

  1. I have read all of Gregory Hallett claims they’re are of a insane man that’s trying to use Queen Victoria’s letter with her finger print on it like a lottery ticket to use as a claim to the English throne! His every item on his lists of declaration of him being King of England and everyone else is a Bastard but him that every historical fact is all twisted in his favor that he claims that he is Christ Jesus!? As far as I have read he had absolutely NO CLAIMS to anything! He’s a FRAUD and asks people for money! He has NOT taken a DNA test Helix DNA Labs National Geographic where Queen Victoria’s DNA sequence is at and the rest of the Royal family supplied their DNA test If Gregory Hallett is indeed truly related to Queen Victoria then he needs to prove it with the test from Helix DNA Labs and then He still can’t use Queen Victoria’s letter of “Name him Claimant” that doesn’t mean it meant Gregory Hallett! It’s NOT A LOTTERY ticket! I turned out myself on my maternal side Queen Victoria relative 2 generation! Helix DNA Labs National Geographic! Does that mean that I can do the same thing as Gregory Hallett!? I Think NOT! If anything he needs to be sued for slander and has No DNA proof that he can show to prove his outlandish insane Claims about him being rightful King of NOTHING! And insulting people that everyone is a Bastard but him! I wouldn’t give this FRAUD a penny! Not buy nothing from him! Mad man!


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