Acadian History Decoded

Why the cover-up, why the lies and slander? Besides the fact of illegitimate ‘royalty’ today, which most people don’t know or care about, there are also many illegal grants of land, especially the ones for the Protestant ‘baronettes’ written in the early 1600’s, that play into the cover-up of Acadian history. The lawyers wrote these grants in such a way that, in order to protect … Continue reading Acadian History Decoded

The Vatican Occupied

Are we being tricked into participating in Satanic conjurations when we attend the Novus Ordo mass? Canon Lawyer Father Gregory explained clearly the legal situation of the present usurpers, and why they are usurpers and not Catholic, but he spoke long before Francis arrived at the Vatican.  This is important, because the orderliness of the Catholic Church, an institution that has lasted 2000 years, is dependent upon strict adherence to … Continue reading The Vatican Occupied

Why Not to Join a NATO Mercenary Army

New Russia captures mercenaries who were tricked by their commanding officers into an invasion of Donbass that they had refused to do. So they were lied to and told that they were to go in and remove the injured, when in reality they had been unwittingly led into an offensive. The New Russian army defending Donbass has many in captivity but most of them were … Continue reading Why Not to Join a NATO Mercenary Army

Tsars and Wars and Subliminal Messages

Aldous Huxley, in 1932, described our leaders as a different “wild species”…Tsar Nicolas II of Russia is an example of the gradual infiltration of this “wild species” into the Royal Families of Europe.  How about those ears? “Children are highly susceptible to propaganda”, wrote Aldous Huxley in his book “Brave New World Revisited” published by Harper and Row in 1932. In this book he describes … Continue reading Tsars and Wars and Subliminal Messages