Q Planes and The Fifth Dimension

  That’s Doris Day singing about astrological events.  But never mind that, let’s talk about Q. The following quote from a Q post has me puzzled because it’s basically saying that free thought is a danger to the Constitutional Republic of the United States, unless I’m misunderstanding it. Odd isn’t it that this same Freemasonic fictional corporate entity called USA advertises itself as  a refuge … Continue reading Q Planes and The Fifth Dimension

Cameron’s Grandmother, April’s Mother

  I wanted to honor April in April. I mean to say, my friend April who is actually Vicky Walet, the daughter of Frank “Sinatra” and “Rita Hayworth”. Cameron, April’s son, was living with his grandmother when he was forcibly removed by Texas Child Protective Services and placed in a foster home even though both his mother and grandmother were pleading to have him returned. … Continue reading Cameron’s Grandmother, April’s Mother

They Meet Again

An anonymous comment posted under Frank Sinatra’s ‘Last Major Interview”, 1988, linked below states: “In short, he (Sinatra) works hard and people’s personal life is private…He calls people who write fake stories about people who achieve greatness ‘parasites’.” “He has a point, despite the metaphor. There is a dignity in respecting private lives. The performance is all the performer owes the world.” 2 months ago … Continue reading They Meet Again