Lukashenko, Belarus and Benny Hill

What happened to Benny Hill? The President of Belarus is Alexander Lukashenko. Alexander Lukashenko’s Wikipedia entry, along with everything concerning Benny Hill is censored for me and so it won’t cut and paste.  Links won’t copy either. So they are saving me a lot of work and you now have key words to do your own search and decide for yourself if it’s the same … Continue reading Lukashenko, Belarus and Benny Hill

Russian Collision Part Two

When Russian Oligarchs Collide with America, sparks fly, spies get burned, missiles go up in spectacular flames… Here we have Putin talking to Trump about extradition of convicted criminals who are being protected by rogue governments where they commit more crimes and spread corruption: Putin says, “For instance, we can bring up Mr. Browder in this particular case. Business associates of Mr. Browder have earned … Continue reading Russian Collision Part Two

Russian Collision

The extent of Jewish (supposedly Russian, but not) Oligarch control of US Congress and the Obama administration is revealed by the Sergei Magnitsky Rule of Law Accountability Act of 2012 (H.R. 4405). The main intention of this US law is to punish Russian officials who legitimately convicted a few of the Jews who continuously rip off the Russian people. The short sentences given these Jewish … Continue reading Russian Collision

Russian Explosions in Archangelsk

The view toward the South of the Big Island of Hawaii shows what looks and smells like the arrival of the smoke plume from Archangelsk. This photo was taken about two hours ago at sunset.  I walked outside after sunset and the night is completely black.  People on the West coast of America can begin watching for it tomorrow.   Most of the news reports … Continue reading Russian Explosions in Archangelsk

The Very Hot August

Once the Nuke Hoax becomes firmly fixed in the mind, the following reports take on new meaning.  Here we have a team of highly paid liars and thieves, so-called scientists at a Nuclear Facility in Russia, getting their Hoax asses blown to bits while supposedly “testing” a missile that could only have been meant for America. Yay for that. This is the report from Pravda: … Continue reading The Very Hot August

What if Israel Were a Safe Haven For Victims Instead of Criminals?

I listened to President Trump’s  defense of Israel against the honest assessment made by otherwise despicable Ilhan Omar, the Somalian member of that Congress in the sovereign state of Washington, DC.  The Palestinian member of the Congress that exists in Washington DC is actually falsely accused of criticizing Israel, but that’s beside the point.  Truth is never an issue with these people.  The point is … Continue reading What if Israel Were a Safe Haven For Victims Instead of Criminals?

Berezovsky-Nadler and the Slim Helu Family

    Notice that a member of Carlos Slim Helou family, standing far right, back row, is the same as the Russian character named “Latka” on the TV series called ‘Taxi’.   So is Danny Devito actually the same man as Nadler and Berezovsky? The faces, ears, height, waddle and personality all match up.  I don’t have any direct knowledge of the man, but one … Continue reading Berezovsky-Nadler and the Slim Helu Family

Destruction Caused By Funding Fake Science

Endless War is the result of psychopaths running everything. The root of the problem is our belief in a false religion based on hoax science. We have sustained this false religion with tons of money, so it is now a monster. Let’s not continue the errors.  We want to free ourselves of the burden of guilt that’s the result of  teaching children destructive lies.  Science … Continue reading Destruction Caused By Funding Fake Science