Ghislaine Maxwell and The Fake Queen

Years ago I began publishing early photos of people who have since been arrested or have lost their royal titles, mega yachts and offshore bank accounts. One of Prince Andrew’s daughters is reported to have had her bank card declined recently at a coffee shop. Because Ghislaine Maxwell has been sentenced to 20 years in prison, I’ll review and republish some relevant photos. This photo … Continue reading Ghislaine Maxwell and The Fake Queen

The Fake Queen of England is Greatly Admired

But who is concerned for the real Queen? In spite of the drastic height change, the fake queen does have a very similar face to the original, but the mouth and smile do not match at all. The nose is the same. Obviously the teeth can be easily matched with upper dentures, but the shape of the smile cannot be duplicated. Also the fake Queen … Continue reading The Fake Queen of England is Greatly Admired

A Judgement for Damages

The story that I have to tell, if I were to include more personal details than I’ve given so far, is one in which Mossad mind control techniques combined with gang stalking and mob encirclement, have had the result that my entire life has been one of suffering their constant attempts at mental abuse, physical endangerment and abandonment specifically by influencing the people in my … Continue reading A Judgement for Damages

Has there been an investigation? I used this blog to report my memory of what appeared to be a murder in a brand new 1963 mobile home on Main Street in Loreauville. I’ve also tracked the people involved in that murder and cover up and found some of them gathered around Kona and Kau districts on the Big Island of Hawaii. I know that they … Continue reading