Christians must DIE ! says the Rabbi-The Threat Facing Gentiles

Let’s consider the source of the trouble that Scott Adams didn’t react emotionally to at all. He specializes in examining fake news and the public reaction to it, and why wouldn’t he. This, on the other hand, is not fake news: 47% of blacks polled say whites should die, however nicely you want to phrase that. A 1000 person Rasmussen poll is actually a large … Continue reading Christians must DIE ! says the Rabbi-The Threat Facing Gentiles


This short lecture includes the names of many people who are associated in some way with the Kennedy assassination and the following non-investigation. He mentions that the film JFK, directed by Oliver Stone, was funded by “Israel’s Biggest Arms Dealer”, Arnon Milchan. He mentions that JFK opposed the arms build up in Israel. MilCHAN is selling arms all over the world and maybe he owns … Continue reading Camilla

Those Bothersome Sane People

What happens when sane people are thrown under the bus for the sake of monetization. Before our “betters” achieved their goal of replacing great content with something else, for awhile it was possible to get very good long form content on all the alternatives to YouTube, namely Rumble, Bitchute and Brighteon. I’ve observed the steady degradation of online entertainment, news and educational content over the … Continue reading Those Bothersome Sane People

The Age of Unfairness

Unfairness is what I’ve seen become an American ideal in my lifetime. The white kids in America are sort of shocked at what they’ve been born into and this shock is exploited by drug dealers, for two generations now. Diversity hiring is unfair, training and promoting lesser talent of any sort, for any reason, while blocking out the naturally talented in any field is unfair. … Continue reading The Age of Unfairness

Playing Pretend

I’m okay with pretending that a spy isn’t a spy because it’s so much easier to deal with them that way. It’s not like I’m important enough to be spied upon, right? Only lunatics think that spies exist, millions of people employed worldwide in security and “intelligence” agencies tell you so. Beware when you suddenly hear the identical catch phrase used throughout the controlled media. … Continue reading Playing Pretend