Bugs Bunny Insurgency Advice

Rioters Instructions May 30, 2020 at 11:13 AM The above document was posted on Twitter. It’s a page of internal instructions to professional rioters, carefully explaining where and when to destroy, and how the system works. It reminds them that arrangements have been made with insurance companies to reimburse those businesses that are on the strike list. In other words, these professional rioters are employees … Continue reading Bugs Bunny Insurgency Advice

Crisis Acting Gone Wild

My question is, did George Floyd actually die? Is there a corpse somewhere? If there was no death, then there would be no arrests. There are no arrests. (Update: Arrests have been reported but we don’t know yet if these are fake arrests. Isn’t this fun?)  Even looters and arsonists in Democrat controlled cities are not arrested. Both the alleged killer-cop and his alleged victim … Continue reading Crisis Acting Gone Wild

Carmelite Mystics, Engineers and Dr. Carl Jung

  The Carmelite order was organized in the 13th century, in recognition of the preference for a life of solitude and contemplation that leads to the betterment of society. The Carmelites understood that this solitary life of contemplation was helpful to the world. They are called mystics but what this word referrs to is the power of prayer. We pray in order to manifest our … Continue reading Carmelite Mystics, Engineers and Dr. Carl Jung

Christians Must Hide Themselves in Muslim Countries

Published in 2013, this is a report on the dangers of practicing Christianity in the former Soviet Union after Islamic radicals gained  power during the 1990’s. The countries of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan have mountainous areas that look exactly like Switzerland. Christians must hide their identities here. “Groups from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and elsewhere come in with a different interpretation and practice of Islam…” … Continue reading Christians Must Hide Themselves in Muslim Countries


When I was fake married to my fake husband Randy/Bibi in the 1980’s,  I was immersed in reading the Seth books. I had a complete collection of them. The Seth books are channelled messages spoken through Jane Roberts during the 1970’s. New Age ideas such as the power of manifestation stem from these channeled messages, in a distorted way. This next video is a section … Continue reading Medicide

Human Energy

Electromagnetism becomes useful when the energies between the magnetized coils are balanced properly. How can we humans balance our energies and become useful? From the Bhagavad Gita, Verse 30, we learn that one attains the ability to balance the community by balancing oneself. This self-balance comes by attuning oneself to constant truth. This is the key to the dynamic of electromagnetism in humans. This ancient … Continue reading Human Energy

Professor Eric Laithwaite: The Circle of Magnetism – 1968

“Professor Eric Laithwaite: The Circle of Magnetism – 1968” is a video on youtube which refuses to link on this blog. Your fearful leaders don’t want you to understand how these energies operate.  The fact that these dynamics are the same as human dynamics is the key to understanding why the psychopathic, inbred, criminal elite do not want healthy social interaction among the rest of … Continue reading Professor Eric Laithwaite: The Circle of Magnetism – 1968