Locating the Pirate Loot

  I’m republishing this article for the third time to call attention to the names and addresses at the end. Please scroll down to see. I’d pay attention to Karos Holdings registered in Coral Gables, Florida.  My considered opinion is that this account belongs to Brigitte Macron, or otherwise could be funding anti American activism and terror activities. Jones Walker Law Firm in New Orleans … Continue reading Locating the Pirate Loot

Suzanne Finds Her Missing Stepmother in an Old Elvis Presley Movie

How to work with a victim of memory erasure or dampening as they call it?   I’ve been around them all my adult life, and I’ve learned how fiercely they defend the false narrative if you confront them directly.  Imagine the confusion that it sets off in the mind. The slightest tilt sets the whole thing tumbling, and this applies to all of us, in … Continue reading Suzanne Finds Her Missing Stepmother in an Old Elvis Presley Movie

Casinos and Hospitals

The question of Adelson and his wife eventually comes up, considering that the Sands Casino was Sinatra’s creation, and it’s the prototype for all casinos. Adelson and Trump are in the same business as Sinatra was. By most accounts, Adelson’s wife is running the show, and her last name is that of the family that owns Oschner’s Hospital, but it’s her formerly married name. Her maiden name is … Continue reading Casinos and Hospitals

Body Parts For Sale

“After inspecting your operation, I’ve decided that I don’t want anyone from Texas Child Protective Services to come near my house or my person. I am horrified that since I’ve tried to adopt this child you’ve decided to increase his medications and deny him access to speak to me. This is in direct contradiction to your earlier words to me that we should take some time to talk and get to know each other. I don’t trust any of you now and I don’t feel safe meeting with you or anyone from your office in any location.” Continue reading Body Parts For Sale

Dead Family Walking

  The book and movie and musical called ‘Dead Man Walking’ has been a crime about a crime.  When criminals control the media and publishing, then criminals become famous, glorified even. There are so many examples of this, the most recent being the man who tried to kill Donald Trump being given the spotlight in the nightly news.  In America we have foreign spies operating … Continue reading Dead Family Walking