McCain the Serial Traitor

The website is the source for this important piece of news about John McCain.  It is my conclusion that he is actually the same person as Marc Reich, but perhaps I’m wrong on that.  Either way, here is the translation: In the course of an official trip to the Middle East, during which he was received by the Turkish President and the King of … Continue reading McCain the Serial Traitor

Reince Preibus One of Us?

Trump, as President, could repatriate for the public every social media platform whose development has been funded with our extorted tax money.  This is only fair, considering that the technology for it all has been obtained fraudulently.   Mandate ad-free social platforms at least, since it’s all paid for already, by us. Reince Preibus: On January 16, 2015, the election for the chairmanship of the Republican … Continue reading Reince Preibus One of Us?

Gang Stalking is Torture Funded Through Entitlements and Government Jobs

Government Sponsored Harassment Program: Life-long Official Torture Must Be Stopped Now Following are excerpts from a well hidden article published on the disinformation site called Veteran’s News Now.  I’m leaving out the disinformation, and publishing the part that I know to be fact, having had to deal with it for a life time. These ‘gangs’ of spies are taught harassment techniques such as “gas-lighting” within … Continue reading Gang Stalking is Torture Funded Through Entitlements and Government Jobs

Jewish Wars

Y-Net Press Headline: Jews Declare Open War on Sweden… War waged through immigration, degradation, taxation:  this announcement is a rare bit of truth that escaped Jewish news editors, a truth that is causing a  collapse of support for Israel due to exposure of the Jew’s devious plans. Those of us who seek to tell our people that they are under assault suffer the worst kind … Continue reading Jewish Wars

Our Lady of Fatima meets the Babushka Lady

The Venerable Bishop Fulton J. Sheen may have been a real Bishop or he may have been a very good actor.  He might have been only a humble church deacon, in charge of opening and closing the church buildings, carrying around a big ring of keys.  Maybe he didn’t even write the words that he spoke. Maybe the script was written by an equally brilliant and equally humble catechism teacher. … Continue reading Our Lady of Fatima meets the Babushka Lady


Bibi Netanyahu and Fink’s Bar (1990)   “If we get caught, they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So, it does not matter what you do.  America is a golden calf; and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the world’s biggest welfare state that we will … Continue reading Fink

Hargraves the Umbrella Man, the Byrd and the Babushka Lady

Doing an aimless search on Robert Hargraves, I found many of them listed, one that was in the FBI, one with the whole family involved in defense contracting, and one with a slew of ultra-liberal, neo-Cohn legislature to his credit. Maybe they are all the same person, but this last one was seen around 2010 as Representative Robert S. Hargraves – 1st Middlesex,  introducing a bill in the Massachusettes legislature that they … Continue reading Hargraves the Umbrella Man, the Byrd and the Babushka Lady

Who is Smarter ?

For all the alleged stupidity of the American People, a meme which our Saudi-owned media allows to be spread all over the world, the actual facts are demonstrated in one simple graphic: Population and Productivity Comparison: China, EU, USA, and Japan What this shows is that the United States, having the same land area as China and with only 4.3% of the world population compared to China’s … Continue reading Who is Smarter ?

War Refugees

The very logical argument against the European Union is the same very logical argument against the United States Federal Government.  The Federal Government became all powerful after the loss of state’s rights that the Freemasonic “Civil War” established.   The two sides of the Civil War were the Freemasons against the majority (at that time) Catholic citizens. From that point forward, the entire electoral process became a hoax … Continue reading War Refugees