Flipping the Treason Script and Connecting the Dots to Benghazi

“Hence, by the common law, the punishment of high treason included all the refinements in cruelty, literally and studiously executed.”     This article is based on the full interview with the Benghazi rescue team which can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5JxPTuZMUg After considering the full Benghazi interview, a New York Times report about Abu Khatalla, and how Marc Rich makes his money, a distinct pattern … Continue reading Flipping the Treason Script and Connecting the Dots to Benghazi

Why is Giuliani Angry?

Marc Rich is the reason.  This was Giuliani’s big case, but Rich got away, thanks to Bill Clinton’s pardon.       Rich claims that his trading globalized commodities and created the world market in spot oil trading.  This means that he used bribes and political connections to change laws to give himself the global advantage and even outlaw any competition.  He had close ties to … Continue reading Why is Giuliani Angry?

Maranos: Pirate Lords and Jewish Judges

    A genealogy in the Jewish Encyclopedia shows a family with a patriarch named Jacob Kohen Zedek Schiff, with a descendant named Uri Phoebus (Felbush) Schiff who died in 1481.  The name Felbush, I have concluded, is the source of the name Bush. This Jewish family is revered in Judaism for their publishing of the Talmud in Frankfort Germany at an early date.  The … Continue reading Maranos: Pirate Lords and Jewish Judges

Dead One Percenters: 17 Down.

A report about the coup in Turkey.  A group called ‘French Intelligence’ killed 17 members of: The American-Turkish Council (ATC) is a business association dedicated to enhancing the promotion of US-Turkish commercial, defense, technology, and cultural relations. Its diverse membership includes Fortune 500s, multinationals, U.S. and Turkish companies, non-profit organizations, and individuals with an interest in U.S.-Turkish relations. Guided by member interests, the ATC strives … Continue reading Dead One Percenters: 17 Down.

Abduction of Children and ‘Foster Home’ Crimes of Texas former Governor Rick Perry

I’ll tell you a story related to me by a young boy about to ‘age out’ of the Foster Care system.  I’ll call him ‘Clem’.  When recently given an opportunity to be adopted, this 17 and a half year old was thrilled at first, then changed his mind.   The reason he gave was this:  At the age of about 11, another boy in foster … Continue reading Abduction of Children and ‘Foster Home’ Crimes of Texas former Governor Rick Perry

Turkish Coup and Charter Schools

When Turkish president Erdogan mentioned that the violent attempt at take-over of his country was based out of Pennsylvania, he was referring to Gulen, a Muslim cleric who sought refuge in America, and who had been served an indictment [or subpeona]  by U.S. authorities just a few hours prior to the initiation of the coup in Turkey yesterday, according to reports. A list of taxpayer funded … Continue reading Turkish Coup and Charter Schools

Clinton Cannibalism?

This video is a deposition of Nancy Ruth Owens describing the death and cannibalism of Vince Foster, the deceased associate of Hillary and Bill Clinton. A recent update informs us that this woman’s testimony is beginning to be taken more seriously by investigators, and that the Starr Report dealing with Vince Fosters’ murder has now been thrown out.   A previous article of mine discussed … Continue reading Clinton Cannibalism?

Pirate Village Raises The Child

Pirates are always looking for something to steal.  What else are they capable of?  Whether animal, vegetable or mineral, for a Pirate, it must be stolen. In Pirate thinking, work is shameful, but stealing from those who work is a source of immense pride and accomplishment.  The annual tax collections that are stolen from the hard work and sacrifice of millions of Americans is a … Continue reading Pirate Village Raises The Child