What if we could find the exact location of every street drug processing facility in the world? What would they look like? There would be no difference between the equipment used for processing of legitimate pharmaceuticals and street drugs. One large and expensive piece of equipment used for processing is a centrifuge, or several. What does a sugar mill and pharmaceutical company have in common? … Continue reading Centrifuges

Rambling Photos and Gallup Polls

I’ve become very interested in helicopters lately, and I’m feeling humbled and grateful for what looked like a rescue the other day.  But since I’m fairly ignorant on the subject of helicopters, I’ll continue on my discovery of faces. Current events are reminding me to post a few more items from Arlene’s collection.   The Origins of Polling The name Gallup is synonymous with Pollsters. … Continue reading Rambling Photos and Gallup Polls

Helicopter Buzzing Update

It’s going on about ten minutes now that a helicopter with a flashing red light below has been circling my house, very low in the sky, in Ocean View.  Some people need to get a life… Update:  I feel like I’m living a science fiction movie.  Almost immediately after making this first post, another helicopter came in and cut between my house and the black … Continue reading Helicopter Buzzing Update

Cultural Norms of an Alien State

The Alien State, when looked at as a Culture, emerges as the Culture of Psychopaths.  Spying is really all they do.  It’s a Cultural Norm.  Everything else is done via the manipulation of people empowered by theft of property.  Violence is entertainment for them.  This also is a set of Cultural Norms. There’s proof of exactly how Alien the Intelligence Community culture is to America … Continue reading Cultural Norms of an Alien State

Forced Migration of White Christians to Escape Muslim ‘Refugees’.

Since it looks like we actually are losing the war against America’s enemies inside our own government, let’s look at the options available for us losers. There’s no point in waiting until the immigrant children turn 18 and join the Military.  Then the words of this 18 year old ‘refugee’ in Germany will be echoed throughout America, both North and South: Islamic Refugee In Germany … Continue reading Forced Migration of White Christians to Escape Muslim ‘Refugees’.

National Security Concerns of the Intelligence Community

The Intelligence Community is a Nation Unto Themselves.  The National Security That They Seek is Their Own Security, Not The Security of The People Paying Their Big Fat Salaries. As the borders are invaded by hoardes of the Ebola infected, and criminal pedophile rejects from all over the world, the Intelligence Community is taking the side of the Invaders.  They want America Destroyed. The Intelligence … Continue reading National Security Concerns of the Intelligence Community

Facebook Patent Theft

Link here to a  report from Facebook insider revealing everything about Zuckerberg that’s been very obvious for a long time now.  It’s an interesting read for anyone tracking patent theft and treason. While the story reveals exactly how the original patent was stolen by the inventor’s own Patent Attorney, James Chandler, it says nothing about how they kept the true inventor from filing criminal charges … Continue reading Facebook Patent Theft


An article from 2009, about a Louisiana State Representative is linked below.  Wilbert Joseph Tauzin II (IPA: [‘bɪli ‘toʊzɛ̃]; [Notice the French pronunciation] born June 14, 1943) is an American lobbyist and politician.[1] President and CEO of PhRMA, a pharmaceutical company lobby group. Tauzin was also a member of the United States House of Representatives from 1980 to 2005, representing Louisiana’s 3rd congressional district.[2] I … Continue reading Tauzin