The Hidden Hand: Examples In History

There will be no chronological order to these quotations. These are historical events which, on the surface, seem to be unconnected. But the same names and techniques tend to be found even as far back as 2000 years ago, as recorded by Josephus the Historian at the time of Jesus Christ, even further back by Zeno in his ‘Anabasis’. What I find is that they … Continue reading The Hidden Hand: Examples In History

Arcadian Memories and the “Dit” Word Forgery

From ancient Mesopotamian Akkad, to Greek Arcadia, to the Orkneys (Islands of the Arc) and then to an island which, on a very old map is named Icaria, where Icarus fell to earth after his dizzying flight, but then the name becomes Acadie, then Nova Scotia. These ancient fishing grounds, where bacalao went through a name change to become Cod, from A-cod-ee, as Acadie is … Continue reading Arcadian Memories and the “Dit” Word Forgery

Pilgrims, Puritans and Acadians

In 1597, a separatist Puritan sect in England, called the Brownists by the Privy Council, asked for license to emigrate to the St. Lawrence region of North America. Queen Elizabeth agreed, providing that they never return to England while still practicing their faith. Their faith is reported to have included marriage of old men to very, very young girls, and to have been an offshoot … Continue reading Pilgrims, Puritans and Acadians

High Priests: John the Baptist and Jesus Christ

At the time of the usurper Herod, John the Baptist was the son of Zacharias who was the High Priest of the Temple of Jerusalem at that time. He inherited the High Priesthood from his father, as had been the tradition from the time of Moses in Egypt, when Aaron passed his High Priest’s Mantle to Eleazar. ┬áThe beginning of the High Priesthood comes to … Continue reading High Priests: John the Baptist and Jesus Christ