Scribal Deception

I hate to bring this up, but the Jewish Encyclopedia (dot com)states: “In Hebrew literature generally and in Hebrew letter-writing the name of God is represented by the letter “he” or “dalet” with an accent over it, thus: or .”  Wait a minute…there’s no letter ‘D’ in Yahweh, and dalet is the letter ‘D’. Under the entry ‘Names of God’ it further states, in weasel words, … Continue reading Scribal Deception

The Red Chord of the Prostitute Rahab

The Book of Joshua is the story in the old Testament that introduces the Red “Chord” as a signal for an inside trade. After God’s promise that the Israelite tribes would have the land if they would keep the law of the book on their lips and if they would act manfully about it,  the fear of the Israelites spread over the land.  The prostitute Rahab gave … Continue reading The Red Chord of the Prostitute Rahab

Nativity Scenes

Here are some slow downloads for Christmas eye candy.  These are nativity scenes from the New York Metropolitan Museum of art online.  There are not many of these before around 1300-1400 which I equate with the time when the increase of the Christian population in Christendom was very important.  Before this time the emphasis was on the crucifixion. Illuminated manuscripts “which are among the finest … Continue reading Nativity Scenes

Shape Shifting Into the Holy Grail

  Shape Shifting is a common trick of disinformation artists.  This is how it works and here are some examples in Acadian history:   “Its usual strategy is to begin its work by adhering so closely to the letter of the truth as to be virtually indistinguishable to all but initiated awareness, installing itself through the rhythmic lull of entrainment so as to catch the … Continue reading Shape Shifting Into the Holy Grail

Pirates and Russians in Turkey

Turkey and Israel consider Russia to be an enemy. We are still dealing with Pirates and Catholics, because Russian Orthodoxy is as close to Catholic as it gets right now, and Turkey is the location where Phrygians historically have enjoyed the most lucrative raids and destruction. Phrygians and Catholics have battled over this territory a few times before. Turkey is now unfortunately an ecological disaster zone, … Continue reading Pirates and Russians in Turkey

Spies, Actors and Fake News

  Fake news events are nothing new. A big fake news event during the time of Elizabeth I, was the lie about the English defeat of the Spanish Armada. English Admiral Howard had pursued the Spanish as far as the Firth of Forth in Scotland, then returned, sick at heart for the suffering of his men, who were dying by the thousands of typhus and … Continue reading Spies, Actors and Fake News

Putin Defends Christendom

Russian President Putin recently spoke about the loss of traditional Christian religious culture, and that without it, people will become brutes.  Following are two videos.  The first is Putin’s speech, the second is an example of the extremely high level of artistic output that occurred during a time when everyone was Catholic.  Gregorian chants were sung around the clock at the Great Basilica in Constantinople.  When … Continue reading Putin Defends Christendom

Pirates: The Red Phrygian Cap

  The role of the Pirate/Phrygians in the colonization of America is hinted at in The Devil Colony, James Rollins’ seventh Sigma Force novel, in which Native Americans, Mormons, and other characters call the Manasseh “exiled Israelites”, “pale Indians”, “white Indians”, and the “14th colony”. Chapter 24 describes symbols of America’s Founding Fathers included in the Great Seal of the United States to memorialize the … Continue reading Pirates: The Red Phrygian Cap