Origin of the Saudi and Rothschild Tribes

This is a brief overview of the Khazarian infiltration of Alamut, [Kabul Pass], along with their assassination of the “Old Man in the Mountain”, at the same time as the usurpation of the Aksomite Kingdom of the Southern Nile was occurring.  These events, briefly described in this post, are the key to understanding the present situation in the Middle East. The main culprit is Rashid al Din … Continue reading Origin of the Saudi and Rothschild Tribes

An Alternative to Halloween

On the Feast of Christ the King “Nations will be reminded by the annual celebration of this feast [The last Sunday of October] that not only private individuals but also rulers and princes are bound to give public honor and obedience to Christ. It will call to their minds the thought of the last judgment, wherein Christ, Who has been cast out of public life, … Continue reading An Alternative to Halloween

After The Catholic Monarchy (Part 3)

I just made a new enemy today.  It was an elderly white neighbor, one of many white people who have been telling me lately that white people are being discriminated against for having caused all the world’s problems. I didn’t believe this. I defended her.  She grew extremely angry at me for defending her. She faulted me for defending the white race.  I will never do … Continue reading After The Catholic Monarchy (Part 3)

What happened when the Catholic Monarchy Left Europe (Part 2)

The video here of the Cult of Hanomon Monkey God Worship shows grown men dressed as monkeys and acting like monkeys as part of their religious worship.  This is an interesting comparison and contrast for those who criticize the Catholic religion. The Corporation of the United States of America, from it’s inception, refused to allow Catholics in government, yet find this quite acceptable. It gives … Continue reading What happened when the Catholic Monarchy Left Europe (Part 2)

When The Catholic Monarchy Left Europe (Part 1)

The remarkable thing about this painting is that there is not one symbol of Christianity anywhere in it.  France had been born with Christianity, it was its bastion, from France came Catholic leaders that married into the royal families throughout the neighboring lands. It was their method of spreading the Catholic faith by building churches, universities, hospitals and orphanages from Nova Scotia to the far … Continue reading When The Catholic Monarchy Left Europe (Part 1)

Legitimizing the Illegitimate

Book I Laws By Plato, written in 360 B.C., has in Book 1 three Characters speaking in THE DIALOGUE. ATHENIAN STRANGER; CLE ANIAS, of Crete; MA GAL ILUS, of Lac Edaemonia Athenian Stranger: Tell me, Strangers, is a God or some man supposed to be the author of your laws? Cle Anias: A God, Stranger; in very truth a, God: among those of us from Crete he is said to have been … Continue reading Legitimizing the Illegitimate

The Feeble Minded Achieve World Dumbinance

So what should we do about having the feeblest minded running the show?   First of all, we could face up to the truth of subversion as a weapon.  In order for an inferior group to maintain their fictional superiority, it becomes necessary to subvert the demonstrably and measurably superior group or individual. 

Superior intellects can pop up in any group, despite the group averages. However, a superior intellect can lie dormant in isolation.  The structure of civilization gives support and guidance.  It allows each generation to build upon the discoveries and accomplishments of our ancestors.  Without this structure, it becomes much easier to
subvert intellectual competition. Therefore, as part of the campaign to reverse the results of IQ and other standardized tests, the entire edifice of Catholic Civilization has ended up in the crosshairs.

Continue reading “The Feeble Minded Achieve World Dumbinance”

IQ Tests: Raw Power, Race and Religion

Does one’s religion affect one’s IQ?  Does the IQ Test writer customize questions to favor certain ethnic groups? Does the power to write the IQ Test ultimately rest on one’s willingness to assassinate the competition?  Why is an IQ Test, or any standardized test score so important, even when the numbers are manipulated?  Does the group with false bragging rights automatically achieve economic and political … Continue reading IQ Tests: Raw Power, Race and Religion

Blaming America and the “West”

‘America’, (United States of), is a tiny part of the American Continent, and an even tinier part of planet Earth.  It’s barely noticeable on this old map, above. It equals about one third of the African continent.  It’s little more than a physical speck in the universe, a mere 1.5% of the Earth’s surface. Since 20% of America is uninhabited desert, the habitable part of the USA … Continue reading Blaming America and the “West”