Timeline of Events 201

Corona Virus Timeline Suggests that the event was planned and prepared for, but perhaps the shipping and airline shutdown was not part of the plan.  It seems that Americans were expected to be the one’s getting sick, and/or begging for the  Chinese made junk that’s suddenly been denied us.  The  Chinese also were targeted and in the end, all the pension funds would belong to the … Continue reading Timeline of Events 201

Open Borders Everywhere Except Between America and Russia: Why?

Survival is at Stake   The latest tally shows that total government spending and activity constitutes roughly 52% of the US economy. The total Federal government deficit is now around 106% of GDP, doubled in twenty years. GDP doesn’t actually represent productivity so much as money and credit turnover. What is actually being produced when we pay fines and bail bonds?  GDP includes increased spending on … Continue reading Open Borders Everywhere Except Between America and Russia: Why?

Modes of Transportation

Russia has restricted visas for ordinary Chinese, but visitors with official, business, humanitarian and transit visas will still be allowed into the country, the Russian Foreign Ministry said recently.  However, it could be that this virus is spreading precisely at business meetings  so who can explain? The Russian ban on Chinese visas  was announced ahead of time last Tuesday and went into effect on Thursday … Continue reading Modes of Transportation

The Russian Tiara

I keep seeing Blavatnik everywhere. I hate that. Perhaps there are many lookalikes, but here’s another one, the redhead at 3:50 saying ”medier” instead of “media”.   The redhead acts like it’s the handler of the “royals”. I can’t locate where she/he is identified in the above video so I did a search for the Royal Staff and got totally sidetracked by the Tiara. But … Continue reading The Russian Tiara


Genesis 6:9 “Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations.” Why does Trump use the word “perfect” to describe his conversation with Ukraine’s President Zelensky? Perfect is given #8549 in Strong’s as TMyM from #8552 which is TMM meaning complete, accomplished, to be clean, to make an end of, to show oneself upright.  So #8549 TMyM means undefiled, without spot or blemish.  Another word … Continue reading Perfect

Dr. Francis Boyle Confirms Coronavirus Is An “Offensive Biological Warfare Weapon” — Truth To Power

Dr. Francis Boyle is perhaps best known for authoring the Biological Weapons Act. In an explosive interview with Geopolitics and Empire, shown below, Dr. Boyle reveals that the coronavirus now circulating in the wild, exploding as a pandemic, is indeed an “offensive biological warfare weapon.” In this eye-opening interview, probably soon to be banned by YouTube, […] via Dr. Francis Boyle Confirms Coronavirus Is An “Offensive … Continue reading Dr. Francis Boyle Confirms Coronavirus Is An “Offensive Biological Warfare Weapon” — Truth To Power

Nanotech Bioweapons

The Nanotechnology Rabbit Hole would be of interest to targeted individuals and corona virus researchers.  The video below, at the very beginning, is not easy to watch. It’s said to be a corona virus victim, not sure, but I’ve seen a couple of examples of a similar collapse in Wuhan. While researching disease diagnostics  I stumbled upon the information I needed to explain how directed … Continue reading Nanotech Bioweapons