Notre Dame and the Tatars

The spire should not be replaced.  It’s a thinly disguised phallic symbol added by a possible (based on his rationalist philosophy) Freemason in 1844.  The internet is flooded with news that Macron has taken it upon himself to call for international submissions for a new spire that never should have been there in the first place. Undoubtedly Macron will choose a Muslim architect who’ll replace … Continue reading Notre Dame and the Tatars

A Day in the Life: Part 3

  The next images below are of the jazz album in Arlene’s collection, “A Day in the Life”, by Wes Montgomery, a coded name. Wes Montgomery: The significance of this name “Montgomery” goes back to a Knight named Montgomery who “accidentally” killed a “King” in a friendly joust back in 1559.  Not actually a King, Henry’s actions were attempts to take what wasn’t rightfully his, … Continue reading A Day in the Life: Part 3


Arnold Palmer – with ominous faces in the background.   This The Captain on Gilligan’s Island is also the same man.  I love Gilligan’s Island, not just because Gilligan is played by the same person we know as Paul Mcartney, the original Beatles member.   “ Arnold Palmer. Arnold Daniel Palmer (September 10, 1929 – September 25, 2016) was an American professional golfer … Continue reading Golf

A Day in the Life: Part 2

  The  “topically excavated” Beatles are associated with the British Invasion, though it was an American Band. The term “topically excavated” is their way of saying that the real Beatles were replaced by Fakers. I found the term on a jazz album in Arlene’s collection of CIA mediocre musicians. This album is evidence that the entire Beatles’ output at that point had been copyrighted in … Continue reading A Day in the Life: Part 2