Sonja Henie, the Matriarch of American Dance

Mitzi Gaynor is not a character that I was familiar with on film, until I realized that Mitzi Gaynor is Agnes Moorehead is Cameron’s great grandmother and April’s grandmother. That would make her the mother of Frank Sinatra also, as a logical follow through, although I haven’t reconciled all the details yet, and still could be wrong about the precise relationships. Judging by her face … Continue reading Sonja Henie, the Matriarch of American Dance

Israel Mistakenly Identified as US Ally

Today Israel is celebrating their victory over it’s enemies, one of which is the United States of America. Israeli carpet bombed the USS Liberty which was sitting in international waters as a communications monitor, supposedly an ally of Israel. America has mistakenly identified Israel as an ally ever since. And Israel has not stopped it’s attacks on the United States, using divisive social tactics, bribery, … Continue reading Israel Mistakenly Identified as US Ally

Little Lord Fauntleroy

The word Faunt from The Century Dictionary is a noun meaning ‘An infant; a child’. Obviously the etymology is from the French word l’enfant. Therefore, Fauntleroy means: The child king. This movie caught my attention because I remember hearing the phrase, Little Lord Fauntleroy when I was growing up. I didn’t know about the movie until now. The theme, the actor’s faces, the women’s party dresses, the … Continue reading Little Lord Fauntleroy

The Child Catcher Scene as Metaphor for Black Lives Matter

Most people today watch this scene out of context and assume it’s about pedophilia and child trafficking, but that is not even hinted at in the movie. The context of this scene is quite the opposite. The Child Catcher is actually, in the movie, enforcing the law of Vulgaria which prohibits children because the Baron and Baroness fear and loathe children. Think of Planned Parenthood … Continue reading The Child Catcher Scene as Metaphor for Black Lives Matter

Roman Abramovich

  It’s time to focus attention on this man, who recently purchased a 64 million dollar estate in Israel, according to reports. Meanwhile, I’m reviewing some old articles and making corrections, adding information. I should warn anyone new to this blog that there are errors in my blog reports, because I’ve been groping in the dark. I’m just a researcher trying to put together a … Continue reading Roman Abramovich

Madeline McCann (Updated)

  Trump made a Tweet with a few clues to Madeline McCann recently. Someone else caught the clues, I’ll add this: The parents of Madeline McCann hired a publicist after her abduction, according to a documentary found on youtube. I recognized his face, or at least he closely resembled someone who lived near me in Ocean View. The name was Phil Kreiger. He’s a citizen’s … Continue reading Madeline McCann (Updated)


Censorship and ostracism are similar tactics used to destroy people from the inside. Here’s a professional perspective: “In my experience working with couples and families, ostracism is the single, most destructive tactic employed…” June 4, 1999 This article is one of a series of radio spots prepared by Sally Singer Horwatt, Ph.D. “Happiness in life is strongly related to having some close personal relationships. Research … Continue reading Ostracism