Gangster Economy

  In the twentieth century, the ‘pirates’ changed their name to ‘gangsters’.  Prohibition brought them out of the hills of Canada where they’d been gathered and where they severely limited the number of possible DNA recombinations.   A good quick substitute for a business degree is to watch gangster documentaries, starting with Meyer Lansky.  There is simply no other way to understand the actual American … Continue reading Gangster Economy

The Louisiana Territory is Surrounded By Enemies

Isreal has a law against Jews marrying Christians or even allowing Christians to have legal residence in Israel, so can you imagine how strict they are with Arabs?  Actually they aren’t at all. Reports from Tel Aviv are that Arabs are hired to do all the work. So Muslim Arabs are living all over Israel at the very same time that Christians are barred from living … Continue reading The Louisiana Territory is Surrounded By Enemies

Stolen Propane Tank Alert

For the past week, countless hours of war videos have been released from Syria.  The captured cameras of Jihadis show their weaponry and how easily they are made.  Their most destructive weapon is completely home made in small machine shops from items that are easily available, but the main item is a propane tank.  Theft of propane tanks and cell phones throughout the United States … Continue reading Stolen Propane Tank Alert

American History Distortions

I cannot recommend certain books for study, because they are extremely slanted toward pirates and criminals, but I have to reference them, and I have to study them in order to understand the twisted history that closes the minds of most educated people who are so certain and so wrong.  These books are used at the university level and the narrative is either completely upside … Continue reading American History Distortions

  A story about Hollywood spies for Israel just appeared and it reminded me of how Israeli spies work toward the downfall of America.  The big story is about Arnon Milcham’s admitted role as an Israeli spy, supposed dealer in stolen nuclear bombs and other arms, even as he pretended to be a Hollywood producer.   One of the associates of Milcham is from Acadiana. As for … Continue reading

Container Ships Not Moving: Yay!!!

I had set out to investigate the history of my ancestors the Acadians, since the early 1980’s and this blog was to be an account of the results of my research, even when the result is simply the need for further research. The Acadians were the first Europeans to create successful settlements in America.  I didn’t realize that historic events would be occurring that would … Continue reading Container Ships Not Moving: Yay!!!