Keep the Federal Government Closed Permanently

Who gets a wall? Only the Bad Guys get walls, and several secret identities, and jobs with fat pensions. Of course Schumer has another identity also. He’s an Israeli Arab Rashid, Evelyn de Rothschild. That’s why Israelis get a wall and we don’t.  The Israeli wall is to protect the Jewish Invaders from the natives whose land they take continuously.  Bibi is now ready to … Continue reading Keep the Federal Government Closed Permanently

Enjoy the Show

The Trump team is putting on a very good show for the true Americans. The Bush Funeral with the wrinkled flag on the coffin,  handing out those envelopes of doom, with overhead cameras recording the reactions is just priceless.  Leaving the content of those envelopes a mystery is great fun.  My first thought is that it was a photo in the envelope because in Jeb’s case … Continue reading Enjoy the Show

Willis, Part 3

Grabbing land in Hawaii The following photos and pages are from a book written by a respected Hawaiian historian named David Keanu Sai, PhD.  The book is titled “Ua Mau Ke Ea, Sovereignty Endures. He presents partial truth, because he’s biased towards Asians.  He omits that Asians had the highest rate of immigration into Hawaii and also that they were the least educated.  He also … Continue reading Willis, Part 3


Lyn de Rothschild The Willis family leads to many connections.  Wikileaks is full of Willis because Wikileaks is full of oil business being done at taxpayer expense.  But while government has become the oil business, problems that should be dealt with by government are allowed to fester.  Meanwhile, the Willis family does title work in courthouses. They call themselves “landmen”. Just so happens that I’ve … Continue reading Willis