Militant Church

The Roman Catholic Church has been infiltrated by a Talmud quoting pope who embraces any religion other than true traditional Catholicism. If religion is not important, then why go through so much trouble to suppress it? The Pope is ex-communicating priests and bishops who adhere to the ancient liturgical rites instead of the Novus Ordo rites. All religions have been reworked using wording and practices … Continue reading Militant Church

St. Raymond and the Crusades

St. Raymond of Barcelona, of the noble family of Pennafort, zealously applied himself at Bologna to works of charity and to the study of ecclesiastical and civil law. When he had received his doctorate, he taught there, gaining great praise for interpreting the sacred canons. Soon Bishop Berengarius honoured him with the offices of canon and provost of the church of Barcelona, and he gave … Continue reading St. Raymond and the Crusades

Vigilance Committee

A book called ‘Vigilantes of the Attakapas’, by Alexandre Barde, is an eyewitness detailed account of local action against violent crime in the mid 1800’s.  First of all, the word vigilante at that time was used by the French speaking people to mean a neighborhood watch and it didn’t have the negative connotations that our fearful and illegitimate Federal government has placed upon it through … Continue reading Vigilance Committee

The Guise Acadians and Stolen History

If we don’t adopt a more positive historical narrative, and I mean now, I see our next generation self-destructing. The false historical narrative is designed to do just that. It’s given to us by our enemies. It’s a narrative that is falsified in such a way as to give negative motives and characteristics to our ancestors. In addition, the names are misspelled and disguised so … Continue reading The Guise Acadians and Stolen History

God to Help Israel

Surely God is the best planner. Recently published details of the lead-up to the last Gaza bombing by Israel: “On 10 July, as Israeli forces prepared for a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip, Winter issued a letter to the Givati Brigade troops operating under his direct command. “History has chosen us to be the sharp edge of the bayonet of fighting the terrorist enemy … Continue reading God to Help Israel