Lawsuit Against Pandemic Criminals for Racketeering and Extortion

The link below is to a Brighteon video of
Scott Workman: Founder, First Delegate, Organizer; Nonlawyer Representative

Friends of the Original Constitution®

He describes the 300 trillion dollar lawsuit against a long list of defendants who are part of the international criminal organization that has usurped the original government of America. The lawsuit seeks to restore the original government, therefore this is not a revolution, nor is it social unrest or civil war. It is simply a restoration of legal government by means of a constitutional convention and court. The court will seize assets of the Federal Reserve Bank and remove the IRS and other illegal arms of the convicted criminals.

This video serves as official notice to the public. It has been banned from Youtube, which is named as a defendant, along with individual employees in this criminal conspiracy.

The lawsuit and further information is at

News Feed

Mother Mary, our light, our sweetness and our hope. To thee do we cry, poor banished children of Eve. Oh clement, oh loving, oh sweet virgin Mary, pray for us.

Within minutes of my posting, the youtube video of a mother having a horrible seizure in front of her children immediately after receiving a vaccine has been removed. She was dying in her car with her son watching. This is how my sister dreams of getting rich. This is also an example of racketeering and collusion between the named defendants, and my sister Melinda Gates/Bridget Bergeron should be one of the defendants. Why isn’t she named?

The youtube account was named something like:

Zay speak truth news.

“This account has been terminated for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines”

Here’s another video of a much less violent seizure, but it’s a child, posted on brighteon:

The removal of these videos is a crime in itself. The people removing these videos need to spend a long time in jail for criminal conspiracy to mass murder and genocide. I’ll continue searching for that video on alternative media, if there is any such thing.

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