Not Good Enough For The Stupid

When it comes to conversing, there’s a wall that exists between certain people and not between others. Some of us are not good enough. Are you “good enough” to have a conversation with President Biden, your state governor or property tax collector? Are you good enough to converse with Vladimir Putin or Brad Garlinghouse? Exactly, neither am I. This is how the wall works. They are rich and powerful insiders, we’re not.

Let’s take a socio-economic look at that wall, as we ponder this phenomenon whereby some people are allowed to express themselves so much to the extent that the rest of us are literally sick of them, while most others of us are buried.

It’s not too complicated actually. The idea behind it is that incompetent and mediocre people can band together to bury people whose talents and abilities threaten them. The burial ritual, as with my father, Dale, April and Linda, is sometimes a real burial after a real murder. For others it involves spreading lies about talented people whose mouths must be taped shut by mafia-media control and their leaders and minions. Only certain people are allowed to speak. Only certain people are allowed to create, only certain people are allowed to sing and dance and participate. Those certain people have literally killed for their positions.

So the few who are allowed to speak, they speak and speak and speak and speak, on every subject the expert, so many identities, lies, half-truths and misconceptions that I personally have given up trying to keep up with it. The lies are overwhelming at this point. Satan is the father of lies, therefore Satanism is what the mafia-media practices as a religion. They mock everyone else.

Death is the consequence. But even with genocidal massive death intruding into our homes, killing our loved ones, we still only hear and see the same few faces over and over and over again. The false narrative has come to a dead halt. It’s boring. There’s only death on the world stage, with more bribery and corruption to put honest, talented people in prison. Insiders, the mediocre, the stupid, and their cooperating enslaved genius or two, are not even having fun, even with their billions in blood money. The fact is, they never were fun to begin with, their joy is in killing the fun of others. So they don’t want to converse simply because they don’t have the intelligence to do so. That’s what being stupid is all about.

The other component of the wall is guilt. There’s guilt for past crimes, present crimes and planned future crimes. How else can the mediocre and the stupid make their billions? They will speak and speak about how smart they are, proven by their billions, as if billions can’t be stolen. The stupid take health advice from the stupid, and the competent are shut out in the cold. Death reigns.

Now we see mediocre and stupid white people who are employed insisting that other white people should step aside from all employment for the sake of “diversity”. Why is it that a workplace with 99% black employees, like New Orleans City Hall for example, is called “diverse”? Maybe, just maybe this diversity project is actually a dominion project, but the rest of us are prohibited from the conversation, because we are neither diverse nor mediocre, nor are we sleeping with the right power broker.

So no conversations are had. They talk. We watch. We’re bored.

This blog project of mine had the goal of manifesting justice. Along the way I stumbled into a hot mess that I am happy to not be participating in. I was not looking for a mate or a husband. I was not calling myself a high priestess. Sumo Sacerdote was simply the name of my blog space because I wanted to study the subject. I might be the Sumo Sassy Daughter, but that’s it. The only high priestess that I acknowledge is the Blessed Virgin Mary. Her son Jesus was the true High Priest in his day, but censorship laws forbade anyone from actually speaking this truth.

I think it’s blasphemous to call oneself a goddess or a high priestess. The High Priest is anointed by God through his bloodline AND his honorable behavior AND his knowledge of Holy Scripture. The High Priest distinguishes between the guilty and the innocent. The High Priest takes action to defend the innocent, sometimes by taking on their suffering upon himself. This is no small matter.

Because the Satanists have invaded the Tarot reading space, a battle there has been raging. Tarot is a form of prophesy when done by God’s appointed people. When practiced by Satanist witches, it’s just another lying, politicized manipulation technique. The Holy Scripture speaks of this in Jeremiah 23, a long chapter on the subject of false prophets. The first line is:

“Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the Lord. Therefore this saith the Lord God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people: You have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them. Behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the Lord.”

When the Holy Scripture speaks of “feeding”, it means giving out knowledge, information, guidance. When the pastor doesn’t “visit”, it’s due to arrogance and a disinterest or fear of the truth, and the Lord God of Israel has spoken his word on this subject. Even the mistranslations of an English language Bible can’t censor out these warnings.

Jeremiah 23: 19

“Behold, a whirlwind of the Lord is gone forth in fury, even the grievous whirlwind; it shall fall grievously upon the wicked.”

This next video came to my attention, about the identity of the High Priestess and God’s requirements of the lying false prophets in the Tarot reading community on youtube:

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