Immigration is a Pirate Business

A year ago someone went to the Mexican border and asked questions of some immigrant families who were escaping Haiti, Honduras and El Salvador. I’m only now finding it, posted below. It’s very informative.

Their story is about their escape from gang violence, a breakdown in law enforcement there and immigration services here. There are non denominational churches run by individual families who are stepping in to rescue families caught up in the immigration racket. Churches are still a refuge. Government is a problem-making machine. Even in these chaotic times, God taps people on the shoulder and says, “step up now”, and wise ones respond. Otherwise we’d all be doomed.

I was married to a Honduran who also refused to live there any longer. The problem, as I’ve been told, is with the tyrannical and corrupt military, who behave like pirates and have been supported by pirates in USA government for several generations. These gangs kill people in public and drive away laughing, according to stories I’ve heard. People are terrified. The pirates kidnap young boys into gangs after killing all the other men in the family, as these people testify. The only way for the women to save their children is to run away. I know how that feels. They don’t want to stay even in Mexico because it’s basically the same problem in any poor neighborhood.

I’m thinking that the only solution is to deal with the problem all the way down in Honduras, militarily, so that people can stay in their own country. The number of people fleeing pirates in many Central American countries is unprecedented. Yet, it appears that only the pirates are allowed to enter the USA since bureaucrat pirates control the dysfunctional immigration process. Actual families who are trying to enter legally are being lied to about where they are being taken. They are being returned to Mexico, rather than being processed. Only the criminals get through. I suspect that USA immigration pirates are turning away Catholics and these people don’t realize it. It’s a large scale tragedy.

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