Militant Church

The Roman Catholic Church has been infiltrated by a Talmud quoting pope who embraces any religion other than true traditional Catholicism. If religion is not important, then why go through so much trouble to suppress it? The Pope is ex-communicating priests and bishops who adhere to the ancient liturgical rites instead of the Novus Ordo rites. All religions have been reworked using wording and practices from Satanism, very subtly replacing worship of God with worship of man, and using ungodly methods of enforcing this. For more info on this topic, look up Bishop Williams, Father Kramer on the Talmudic legalese of Vatican II, Father Gruner on Vladimir Putin’s request of Pope Francis that Russia be consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Mary as requested at Fatima. The goal of the NWO is to eliminate ALL competition to Satanism.

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